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The Korean Beauty Brands We Hope Will Be Available In Singapore In 2018

Even with the many Korean beauty brands already available in Singapore, there's no such thing as too much of a good thing. Here are some of the K brands on writer Sofia Kim's 2018 wishlist.

#2: Pony Effect

Park Hye Min, better known as Pony, is one of South Korea’s most popular beauty gurus. She has already amassed a huge following on her Youtube channel (it has over 3 million subscribers at press time) and is known for her awesome makeup looks and in-depth reviews. Her beauty brand is a representation of her love for makeup and consists of a variety of high-quality products to help achieve the looks she always creates.

korean beauty brands

One of my favourite products is the Pony Effect Defense Longwear Cushion Foundation. It is lightweight and gives full coverage with just one application, while protecting skin fromenvironmental aggressors. It is my go-to cushion when I have late nights out as it is super long-wearing and does not settle into my fine lines.

#3: Huxley

Body Routine ; Moroccan Gardener – 정원의 싱그러움을 담아, 모로칸 가드너 – 헉슬리만의 시그니처 향기 레이어링이 가능한 새로운 바디 루틴. – 건조한 사막기후로 메마른 땅에 꽃과 나무를 심어 정원을 만들어 내는 ‘모로코의 정원사’처럼 건조한 일상에 영감과 휴식을 더해보세요. – #EVENT 출시 기념 이벤트 진행중 ──────────────── ✔ 온라인 사전 구매 혜택 (~10/11) ✔ 체험 샘플 증정 이벤트 (~10/31) ──────────────── *자세한 내용은 프로필 링크를 확인해주세요. *오프라인 정식 출시 10월 중순 예정입니다. . . . #헉슬리 #헉슬리신제품 #바디루틴 #모로칸가드너 #바디워시 #바디오일 #바디로션 #바디케어 #뷰티그램 #코스메틱 #Huxley #Huxley_Product #Body_Routine #Moroccan_Gardener #moroccan_mood #beautygram #skincare #Kbeauty #koreashopping

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The first thing most people notice about Huxley products? Its super Instagrammable packaging. But besides that, the Korean skincare brand is also known for using cactus oils for hydration, a practice that many women in the Sahara desert have been using for years. The products are also infused with prickly pear cactus extract to leave skin feeling supple, hydrated and soft.

korean beauty brands

The product I am obsessed with is the Huxley Oil Essence as it is very lightweight, gentle and does not leave it feeling greasy or sticky. Infused with acai berry and Sahara cactus oil, this helps to deliver long-lasting hydration and is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins to fight premature ageing.