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Korean Beauty Experts Share Their Skincare And Makeup Tips

South Korea is known to be a mecca for all things skincare and makeup related. So who better to get beauty tips from than these Korean beauty experts?

korean beauty experts

If you have yet to keep up with our IG stories (follow us at @female_singapore), then here’s an exciting update you need to know: South Korean beauty brand Hera will finally be coming to Singapore in May. The beauty brand has been directing the backstage makeup looks for Seoul Fashion Week since 2016. This year, we got a chance to chat with the beauty experts from Hera (brand managers Youjin Choi and Seunghee Lee, as well as chief makeup artist Jason Lee) where they shared with us the upcoming skincare trends, common makeup mistakes and more.

korean beauty experts

Skincare trends to know

Youjin Choi (YC): “I feel that there is a stronger focus on multi-purpose skincare products that help prep skin for makeup application. An example would be the Hera Rosy Satin Cream (which will launch in May in Singapore) as it aims to boost the effects of makeup by improving skin’s texture. To apply makeup easily and ensure that it looks great, our skin has to be in its best condition so it really is no longer just about having a cream or serum that only gives one effect, these products must also be able to smooth out skin texture and give a boost of radiance to our complexion.”

One step women should never skip in their skincare regime

YC: “I feel that women should never skip using a serum in their skincare routine. Serums are used to help combat a certain skin concern such as dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles so to help treat those problems, you definitely need a serum to improve your skin’s overall condition.”

A common beauty mistake

YC: “Some people who are not used to or are still very new to skincare might usually use multiple creams at the same time before applying makeup. This is actually a huge mistake as it could create clumps on your makeup.”