korean beauty products

While Korean skincare boasts an apothecary of products for every imaginable problem, condition or aspiration (glass skin, anyone?), Korean makeup, on the other hand, can be very limiting if you don’t have a skin tone that’s commonly found in Korea.

While this is perfectly fine in a relatively homogeneous country like Korea, it becomes isolating in Singapore. Instead of sulking about all the FOMO you’re experiencing, here are the Korean beauty products that actually works, whether you’re as pale as a sheet of paper, or as dark as the night sky.

#1: Matte Chic Lip Lacquer, $19.90, Etude House

It’s hard not to get excited walking to an Etude House store, but keep your eyes on the prize. One of their newest launches, the Matte Chic Lip Laquer boasts 12 shades of velvety, highly pigmented colour that dries matte. Not only do all the shades show up on dark skin tones, they are also incredibly long-lasting.

#2: Pot Eye Shadow, $29, 3CE

You’ve got the super cute dress from StyleNanda, now, to take on the task of finding something from 3CE that actually works on your tanned skin. This one is a creamy glitter eyeshadow that you can dab on with your fingers, giving a cashmere-like texture. It’s buildable too.

#3: Smart Drawing Blush, $12.50, Innisfree

This cream blusher gives you a non-sticky finish comes with a fine-bristled brush in the packaging for ease and precision. You may have to build the colour for a more intense finish if you have a richer skin tone.


#4: No Sebum Mineral Pact, $17, Innisfree

If your face tends to get greasy, this baby is a lifesaver. Acting as a replacement for oil control paper, dust the powder, or dab it on areas that you tend to shine the most. It leaves the skin soft and matte.

#5: Clio Kill Black Eyeliner, $27.90, Watsons

This bottom-of-the-ocean inky jet black liner has been a bestseller at Watsons for
a very long time. If you’ve walked past it, take a detour, pick one up and thank us
later. It goes on pigmented in a single stroke, the felt tip makes it easy for you to
draw a thin line, or amp it up for the cat eye.