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The K-Beauty Trend Of Waterless Skincare And Why You Should Get On It Now

Korea, the world’s beauty mecca, has come up with a new skincare trend: waterless skincare.

Many skincare products often have ‘water’, ‘aqua’, or some other term denoting water listed as the first ingredient on the ingredients list, which corresponds to its dominance in the product formula. However, one school of thought believes that water can dehydrate skin, stripping your skin of its natural oils, leaving it unprotected from bacteria and pollutants.

Hence, waterless skincare products are getting increasingly popular in Korea, as inexpensive water is replaced with potent extracts that claim to be more hydrating and nourishing, giving you a product that is undiluted and nutrient-dense.

An added bonus – because waterless formulas are jam-packed with botanical extracts and not watered-down, less product is needed for each application, which allows you to use one bottle for a longer period of time.

Below, we pick out eight waterless skincare products that you should try now:

#1: Nannette de Gaspé Art of Masquologie set, US$425 (S$587),
This set of five different waterless masks – face, eyes, mouth, hands and neck – helps to smooth, firm, brighten, lift and hydrate. See: The ‘7 Skin Method’ is the next K-beauty craze you need to adopt #2: Organic Sea Kelp Facial Mask Pack, $15,
The sheet masks are made out of 100 per cent real sea kelp to provide an ultra hydrating and nourishing experience. See: Out, out, darn spot: emergency blemish-busting face masks for acne-prone skin #3: Absolutely Pure Organic Skin Food, £30.00 (S$53),
This multi-purpose moisturising cream can be applied onto skin to nourish, hydrate and balance sebum, or onto hair to tame frizz. See: Calling all sleeping beauties: here’s how to wake up with better skin tomorrow #4: Devita Chamomile Cleansing Creme, $25.38,
This cleansing creme is meant to be used without water and clears away daily impurities and makeup, leaving skin soft and supple. #5: Artichoke Power Essence, $39,
This waterless formula which contains 60 per cent artichoke extract helps tightens pores, lifts droopy skin and diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. See: Beauty review: this treatment immediately perks up tired, dull skin #6: Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, US$22 (S$30),
Infused with the brand’s signature ‘5-skin solution’, this waterless sheet mask hydrates, tightens and brightens skin. #7: Organic Flowers Damask Rose Petal Mist, $48,
This water-free mist is formulated with 90.3% organic ingredients that instantly hydrates and nourishes dry, depleted skin. See: 8 refreshing facial mists to soothe your skin in the heat #8: Begin Cleanser, $27,
This cleanser cleanses pores thoroughly while leaving skin hydrated, and also calms redness and rejuvenates stressed-out skin.   Main image: Like this? Check out the lipstick we are obsessed with now is the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo, Chanel’s latest makeup collection is perfect for globetrotters and quick question: does washing your hair with cold water really make it shinier?