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These New Korean Face Masks Are Going To Be Your Travel BFFs

We can't live without our face masks and these travel-friendly ones are a must-have.

South Koreans know their beauty, especially when it comes to face masks. From sheet masks to overnight sleeping ones, many Korean beauty brands have created versions that cater to a wide range of different skin concerns. And if you’re looking for one to bring along on your upcoming travels, here are three that you’ll definitely want to pack.

Popular K-beauty brand Hera has just released three new wash-off and overnight face masks that are all packaged in bottles less than 100ml (50ml, to be exact) so you can easily throw it in your carry on. Another reason why its perfect to bring along with you when crossing borders is its fast-acting formula that targets three common concerns like dehydration, pore issues and dull, tired complexions – common skin woes whenever we travel thanks to dry plane air and the change in climate.

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First up, the Blue Clay Cooling Mask ($38), formulated with menthoxypropanediol to cool the skin by activating its heat receptors and providing a soothing sensation upon application. Besides being a great go-to wash-off mask for irritated and red complexions, it also contains mineral kaolion to absorb excess sebum and juglan regia walnut scrub powder to gently but effectively cleanse pores and remove dead skin cells. Bonus: it even has antioxidant benefits thanks to the brand’s Octa-Berry Complex that comprises different types of berries such as blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.