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This Korean Haircare Brand Wants You To Take Good Care Of Your Scalp

And hair too, naturally.

There are a ton of haircare brands widely available in our city and more have been joining the already robust lineup. One that has gotten our vote is Ryo. The South Korean haircare brand believes that a healthy scalp is key to youthful, silky and healthy tresses, which is why each product from the brand is formulated to improve scalp health by harnessing the powers of different ingredients like ginseng and Jeju camellia oil. Once the scalp is back to an optimal and healthy condition, problems such as hair loss, thinning and roughness will no longer prolong.

Backed by 46 years of scientific knowledge, research and experience, the brand four different ranges to note. Above, we break down each range.

#1: Hair Loss
The GinsenEX Complex helps to increase the multiplication of hair follicle cells and skin cells on the scalp. which results in stronger hair roots, and a decrease in hair fall. Additionally, ginseng helps to heal brittle, damaged hair and gives the hair back its natural, healthy sheen. #2: Damage Care
Ask yourself this: how many times have you bleached your hair in order to achieve that rebellious platinum blonde of your dreams? Or maybe booked a perming appointment just because having straight hair was, well, too passe for you? When this happens, hair becomes damaged and it is crucial to pick out the right hair care products to properly treat damaged locks. This range contains 100 per cent fermented Jeju camellia oil for intense nourishment and strengthening, and elasticity improvement of the entire hair strand, from root to end. #3: Deep Cleansing Range
Just like cleansing our skin, our scalp, too, needs to be thoroughly washed and removed of oil and other impurities. It is important to properly exfoliate our scalp regularly to remove the build-up of oils and fatty acids, which in turn leads to an unhealthy scalp (dandruff, itch, flaking – you name it). This range is powered by pine needles and fermented mint to help to purify and condition the scalp, as well as to control excess sebum production. #4: Dandruff Relief
Each product from this series contains 100 per cent Korean bamboo sap, fermented camellia oil, black pine oil, and chestnut shell extract. These natural ingredients work together to provide dandruff relief, intensely moisturises, soothes and gives hair a shiny coating for healthier-looking locks. Main image: