korean makeup trends

#1: It’s all about that bold lip

When it comes to Korean makeup,  many would think of something that’s a lot more clean, simple and natural (read: a good base, eyebrows and just a tint on the lips). Now, the emphasis is not just about having a flawless base and perfectly drawn eyebrows, but also applying a bold shade of lipstick (red, especially). The idea is to stick to a basic eye and base makeup routine (applying your favourite mascara and cushion compact should suffice) to keep the look clean, fresh and sophisticated before applying your favourite shade of red — or any bold lipstick. Our picks? The Hera Rouge Holic in Cream and Matte.

#2: Pale skin

And no, we don’t mean applying a foundation that’s a shade too light for you. Lee recommends using two different blushers to both contour and add a natural sheen of colour to the apples of your cheeks. He first applies a more orangey-nude shade in the hollows of the cheeks, as well as on the cheeks before adding a layer of light pink on the tops of the cheeks to brighten the overall complexion. No need for harsh contour lines, this makeup look is one that we are definitely digging and super wearable for every day.