Nail trends out of Korea never fail to delight, especially when renowned nail artist Eun Kyung Park, founder of Unistella salon in South Korea, is responsible for them. She’s given us everything from “glass” nails to shadow nails and more recently diamond nails, but we expect that the very latest trends you’re about to be acquainted with will be the toughest to nail (pun wholeheartedly intended).

The most difficult to emulate? Cuticle cuffs. Unistella has uploaded numerous shots of nails adorned with cuticle rings that hug the shape of the natural nail cuticle. When I take to Google to find myself some of those rings, I notice they are few and far between. It takes a few iterations before I find a more common term for them: cuti rings, or nail rings.

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Note that there are also different versions of this ring. Some simply frame your nail, while others include a nail-shaped “cover” that sits on top of your nail (sort of an accent nail you don’t actually have to paint). A quick search on Etsy will get you a bunch of pics for inspiration.

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Dry flower nails or bouquet nails are similar but perhaps simpler to pull off; utilise some nail glue and delicate dried flowers in any combination you please. The one drawback we expect you’ll find in trying to do these yourself is locating affordable and appropriately sized dried flowers to experiment with, because perfection requires a fair bit of practice when you’re talking about placement.

The Unistella dried flower nails in particular commonly involve layering a larger and more three dimensional flower over a flat spray of tiny flowers. The tiny flowers are more affordable, so if you’re trying them out we recommend starting with the small ones. You can easily find some on sites like qoo10 if you’re willing to part with a few dollars.

Meanwhile, the bouquet nail trend builds on the dried flower one, simply involving more and larger flowers fitting on a nail like a flower bouquet. So consider it an advanced option because it’s also going to be harder to maintain.

For something slightly more long-wearing, layer your dried flowers under some gel polish. You can even create multiple layers with clear jelly gel polish to get a 3D flower effect without any surface texture.

That said, bouquet nails are perfect if you have a special occasion and are willing to get your nails done, even though they’ll last for all of one night (or three).

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