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Favourite beauty productsBobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge – that’s something I always have in my purse, and I love it because I can wear it on my cheeks, on my lips and sometimes even on my eyes as a substitute for eyeshadow. I also love carrying lip balm with me because I feel uncomfortable when my lips are dry. If your skin and lips are moisturised, you look healthier and prettier. And I love anything that smells good so I will always carry perfume or essential oils with me – I like lavender or cedarwood scents – and I’ve heard that essential oils help prevent you from getting sick.”

Her go-to facialist “Because I travel (a lot), I just apply a sheet mask wherever I am, whether it’s on the plane, on the way to set and even in the car. When I have the time, I love (going for) La Mer facials and see my dermatologist in Korea. He does stem cell research and has a lot of knowledge on how cells regenerate. He also published a book containing beauty tips and I recommend it to a lot of people.”

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Favourite body treatments “When I’m in Korea, I like to go to the Conrad Seoul hotel sauna: that’s where I work out and I just sit in the sauna afterwards (to relax). I also like to go for dry massages and foot massages once or twice a week because my body aches a lot after working out – recently, I’ve been into horseriding, wrestling and swordfighting.”

Travel essentials “Sunblock: I have many different types. I make sure I always have the spray and cream types with me because I wear sunblock even when I go out at night, and I use the spray when I work out because you have to re-apply it every few hours. I also carry cleansing water; facial masks; candles; perfumes and tea (sachets).”

Favourite lipstick shades “I like to wear coral tones because it’s very natural. Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge range has a Calypso coral tone and that is my ultimate favourite. But right now, I’m going for more of a cherry chocolate tone – I tend to wear black a lot and it goes well with that colour.”


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