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We've Sorted The Different Korean Sheet Masks To Suit Different Skin Types

Korean goodness for your face that will mask away all the blemishes and will give you a glowy complexion in a quick jiffy.

Skin types are broadly classified into normal, dry, oily, and combination and most of us fall under one of these. Normal skin is the least problematic, while oily skin is characterised with enlarged pores and excess sebum production. Dry skin is just the opposite. And if parts of your face are dry but some others oily, you probably have combination skin.

But thanks to environmental factors, and lifestyle choices, your skin could be behaving in a way that is not typical to your skin type. For example, you could have dry skin and be battling acne. Or you could have oily skin that is dehydrated. The latter is your skin condition. Your skin condition could change from day to day or week to week or even month to month.

So it’s important to choose a sheet mask according to your skin type and condition. We’ve done the hard work for you to bring you the top sheet masks for each skin type and skin condition. These are the ones truly loved and highly rated by your glass-skinned unnis rather than by marketing agencies, so you can trust they’ll have your skin glowing in no time.

This article first appeared in Cleo Singapore.

For Normal Skin
Try: Boom De Ah Dah Everyday Mask Aloe, $1.30 (for a single sheet) While normal skin is probably the most low-maintenance skin type to have, it’s essential to keep it hydrated so as to ensure it doesn’t get dehydrated. Hydrated skin also has a stronger skin barrier that is better able to defend itself from external stressors. This mask is packed with aloe vera leaf extract along with guava leaf, rose and green tea extracts to hydrate soothe and protect skin from external aggressors. As the name suggests, you can use it every day for softer, smoother skin that is glowing. For Sun-Damaged Skin
Try: I Woke Up Like This Whitening Concentrate Treatment Mask, $39.99 Now that we’re in Phase 2, you might be spending a lot of time outdoors trying to make up for all the time you were couped up at home during circuit breaker and phase 1. Whether you’re working out or meeting friends for brunch or taking OOTDs spending extended periods of time under the sun will leave your skin feeling dry and rough and looking dull. Combat these conditions with this mask that has vitamin C, niacinamide and pearl powder to brighten skin along with ingredients that also help hydrate and soothe skin. Use it on cleansed and toned skin and remove it after 20 minutes to reveal skin that is brighter, dewy and glowing. For First Signs Of Ageing
Try: The Pure Lotus 2 Step Lotus Leaf Wrinkle Treatment Mask, $35 for 5 Skin ageing is inevitable and the best we can do is ensure our skin receives all the nourishment it can get to look its best as every stage. If you’ve noticed fine lines, this two-step mask helps plump skin and soften the appearance of fine lines. Step 1 is to use the included moisturising pad that gently removes any dead skin and impurities from the surface so that all the benefits from the mask are easily absorbed. The mask itself is drenched in an essence that is rich in antioxidants as well as the brands proprietary blend of Jeju botanical and white lotus extract. Together these reduce and slow down the signs of ageing so your skin looks plump, bouncy and radiant. For Dehydrated Skin
Try: Banobagi Vita Cocktail Foil Mask Aqua, $5.90 Quench thirsty skin with a blend of nine types of vitamins, mineral water and hydrolyzed collagen that, together, make skin hydrated and supple. The foil-backed cotton sheets allow the essence to be deeply absorbed into the skin without any evaporation, while the adjustable upper and lower masks ensure that every part of the face is drenched in this deeply hydrating essence. The result is glowing, hydrated skin that is healthy and has fewer flaky patches. For Tired Skin
Try: The Ooozoo Face Energy Shot Mask, US$43.68 (S$60.39) Treat skin that has had too much sun, wind, travel or late nights at your desk to a potent mix of rare “black ingredients”: black ginseng, black pearl, black currant, black truffle, black bellflower root and germinated black rice. Together they hydrate, soothe, strengthen skin and moisturise skin so it is refreshed and rejuvenated. The skin nourishing goodness of these ingredients is preserved as an essence in a syringe and is to be added to the microfibre sheet just before you use it. For Dull Skin
Try: Femmue Dream Glow Revitalize and Radiance Mask, US$61.30 (S$84.75) Add a glow to dull, lacklustre skin with this mask that draws on the antioxidant and healing properties of flowers to help heal, soothe and transform your skin. The coconut-based bio-cellulose mask is drenched in gooey goodness that is packed with botanical ingredients along with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid so that it tackles dead skin and dullness while also absorbing excess oil. For Sensitised Skin
Try: Dr Jart+ Cicapair Calming Mask Skin that is easily irritated and prone to redness or itchiness will love this soothing mask that is packed with centella asiatica, which is known to soothe, cool and strengthen stressed, sensitised skin. It helps restore damaged skin and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier so reduce inflammation. Free of any nasties, it is ideal for those with sensitised or sensitive skin. For Acne-Prone Skin
Try: Isoi Acni Dr 1st Speedy Mask One of the traps that acne-sufferers commonly fall into is applying harsh ingredients that dry out pimples, creating an imbalance in the skin’s moisture content and re-triggering the acne. It’s like crash dieting for your skin – it’s unhealthy and unsustainable. Isoi is well-known in Korea for using luxe, natural ingredients, and their Acne Dr range will give your spotty skin the gentle coaxing it needs rather than beating it into submission. It contains K-beauty’s hottest ingredient, Houttuynia Cordata as well as Tea Tree Oil to condition your skin. It also packs a high dose of sea buckthorn extract, which contains large amounts of Vitamins C & E so that any pigmentation caused by pesky pimples is quickly erased. For Dry Skin
Try: Pyunkang Yul 3-Step Mask Pack Pyunkang Yul’s cult essence toner in sheet mask form? Yes, please. If your skin is constantly thirsty, this 3-step Mask Pack is perfect because in the final step, a beautifully gooey Balancing Gel helps seal in all the moisture by acting as an occlusive. If you haven’t heard of Pyunkang Yul, it’s a crazy popular skincare line launched by Korea’s most famous traditional Eastern medicine clinic. With over 40 years of experience treating skin ailments using only natural ingredients, Pyunkang Yul is the go-to brand for people who prefer a gentler, long-term approach to skincare. For Oily Skin
Try: Mediheal Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask EX, $3.90, Watsons For an oily-skinned girl, finding the right sheet mask can be a pain and a half. It seems like every mask out there is about keeping your skin plump and moisturized, but what if your skin is so oily it could be an energy source in itself? Thankfully, Mediheal’s Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask EX has oil-controlling ingredients such as tea tree, witch hazel water and allantoin. There are a million praises I could note for this mask but perhaps the clincher is that BTS’ J-Hope is a big fan of this mask, so if you want poreless skin like Hobi, look no further. For Sensitive Skin
Try: Roundlab 1025 Dokdo Mask 2018 was ruled by boutique sheet masks. While big names like Mediheal and Leaders Insolution still make up a giant portion of the market, most of the bestsellers were from small, lesser-known brands with a focus on natural, non-toxic ingredients. One such brand is Roundlab. If your skin is feeling drier than the Sahara, Roundlab’s 1025 Dokdo Mask gives your skin a dose of hydration with the perfect concoction of hydrators including coconut fruit water, betaine and hyaluronic acid. The other benefit is that this sheet mask is so light that it practically feels like second skin when you wear it. For Pigmented Skin
Try: CNP Propolis Energy Ampoule Mask If you love a good 2-for-1 deal, then this 2-step mask is for you. The first step is loaded with propolis, a K-beauty favourite for to rejuvenate skin, and the second is full of niacinamide. Anyone who’s done even a basic Google search on getting rid of pigmentation knows that niacinamide is the brightening powerhouse you need in your routine. The mask is made of thicker cotton material compared to your average sheet mask, and also has a perfect fit, so you don’t have to worry about it tearing or slipping off as you put it on. Because of the high propolis content, you will see an instant glowing effect so this baby is great for special occasions when you need that lit from the inside look. For City Skin
Try: AllNatural Organic Sheet Mask Houttuynia Cordata Last year, K-beauty’s breakout star was a tongue twister of an ingredient called Houttuynia Cordata. Traditionally incorporated into Korean side dishes, this ingredient is known for powerful anti-aging properties. It is loaded with strong antioxidants that fight off the free radicals that damage your DNA and contribute to fine lines and skin tone unevenness. This mask by AllNatural, a boutique K-Beauty brand, flew off shelves in Korea and was rated one of the top sheet masks by Hwahae, Korea’s premiere beauty review app.