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Want To Achieve Korean Star-Worthy Skin? These Are The Products You Need

South Koreans have pretty much gotten the art of achieving clear, translucent and radiant skin locked down. So when we heard that South Korean beauty brand Laneige has just added two new products to its popular White Dew line, we knew we had to try them. The products in the line aim to replenish moisture while evening out skin tone. It comprises of nine different products (the two new ones included) and has everything from creams to serums and masks.

The mark of a gorgeous Korean skin is a glowing, dewy complexion. To achieve that, the Laneige White Dew range works to hydrate AND brighten skin at the same time, and its two new addition definitely does so. The White Dew Sherbet Cream is a lightweight moisturiser, while the Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask is an overnight, leave-on mask. The powerful duo is said to help suppresses melanin production, disrupt melanin-forming linkages and flush out dark pigments to reveal a translucent and more radiant complexion. Bonus: these creams are also super hydrating to help achieve a supple, soft and more luminous complexion.

You can check out the entire collection here.

#1: White Dew Sherbet Cream, $70
With a smooth sherbet-like texture, this moisturiser offers a cooling sensation that instantly soothes and lowers the temperature of flushed and fatigued skin, while boosting moisture levels. When skin is constantly exposed to sun, pigmentation occurs. Dark spots and freckles begin to form as melanin pigments are produced to protect the skin. The beauty brand saw the importance to suppress melanin production and created a key technology in its White Dew line known as Mela-vita Crusher, which contains saururus chinensis extract, truffle extract and vitamin B5 that promises to suppress and destruct melanin formation, while delivering optimum hydration to skin.   #2: White Dew Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask, $28 for eight capsules
Enriched with vitamin C and packaged individually in an uber cute bear-shaped capsule, this contains green tea and pomegranate extract. The former helps to purify skin as you sleep and also aids autophagy – a process that breaks down melanin residue in the cells overnight – resulting in clearer and brighter skin. The latter provides antioxidants for the skin to rejuvenate and recuperate and acts as a defence mechanism against oxidative stress in skin cells. #3: White Dew Milky Cleanser, $34
This contains amino acids, a natural component of the skin, to achieve minimum loss of moisture, resulting in bright, flawless skin after cleansing. #4: White Dew Skin Refiner, $45
A toner that both hydrates and whitens and is quickly absorbed into the skin. It also evens out skin tone through its detox mechanism. #5: White Dew Emulsion, $45
This lightweight whitening emulsion is formulated with patented brightening technology, truffle mushroom extract and phyto sugar water to hydrate and minimise the appearance of dark spots. #6: White Dew Original Ampoule Essence, $80
Infused with concentrated brightening and moisturising ingredients like saururus chinensis extract and vitamin C, it visibly improves the appearance of darks spots and uneven skin tone to reveal a brighter, more refined complexion. #7: White Dew Tone-up Cream, $56
This whitening moisturiser has an ultra smooth texture that instantly brightens sallow and dull skin. #8: White Dew Intensive Eye Mask, $36 for a box of eight
This is a warming double-film eye mask that provides an intense treatment to diminish freckles and blemishes for clearer and brighter skin around the eyes. #9: White Dew Purifying Mask, $54 for a box of 12
This creamy clay mask adheres gently to skin, then washes away easily to reveal a clean and clear complexion. It is made with phyto sugar water to hydrate skin, resulting in a smoother, more supple complexion. Like this? Check out the five skincare ingredients to add to your regime, why anti-pollution beauty products are your skin’s new best friend and writer Sofia Kim’s obsession with cleansing oils and the ones to get.