interesting cleansers

Trust us when we say we have seen a wide assortment of novelty and unique beauty products — but this cleanser not only works to remove dirt and makeup, it also reportedly gently exfoliates skin and comes in one of the cutest packagings we have ever seen.

interesting cleansers interesting cleansers

The Laneige Cleansing Tea Bag ($15 for a pack of 10) is not your usual gel, cream or foam cleanser. It is — as its name suggests — packaged as a tea bag (yes, its ingredients in the bag even mimic that of tea leaves) and comes in two different variations: green tea and peppermint. The former contains polyphenol from green tea to hydrate, soothe, brighten and purify complexions, while the latter is made with peppermint and anti-bacterial properties to cater those with troubled, congested and oilier skin types.

interesting cleansers

Besides its unique design, this does not work like any typical cleanser. It also gently exfoliates thanks to a combination of enzyme powders and imparts moisture and refreshes the skin so it feels soft, supple and smooth post-cleansing. How it works: remove the string connected to the teabag and soak it in room temperature water with your palms before rubbing it till it foams up. Massage it onto the skin (you can even choose to use the tea bag against your skin to manually exfoliate) and rinse it once done. Bonus: the teabags can also be used as a mask (just soak it in water and leave on the skin for a pampering session) for added skin-healing benefits.

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