Favourite beauty products
“Lancome Hypnose mascara, L’Absolu Rouge lipstick in #367 and Genifique mask (available next year), it helps my skin a lot before a photoshoot or after a long flight. It just locks in the moisture and makes you feel dewy. You’ll wake up feeling as if you just had a facial and your skin is super soft.”


Brow grooming routine
“I used to have someone that did it for me, but then I travelled so much that it didn’t really make sense waiting for her to do it with brows that look crazy. So now I just do it myself, I maintain it every day. I just look into a magnifying glass, those freaky ones that show you everything, and if there are any stray ones I’ll just tweeze them. No waxing or threading, that freaks me out because I’m afraid they’ll just going to go woosh and my brows are going to be gone. I’ve had nightmares of it, I’d rather less is more. Or in this case, more is more.”


Self confidence is…
“Stepping outside your comfort zone and still feeling like yourself, and feeling strong both emotionally and physically… with or without a man! That’s very important.”


Morning beauty routine
“When I wake up, I splash cold water on my face to wake me up and then apply Lancome Energie de Vie products, which I love, because they are made for the girl on the go who lives in a world where there’s a lot of pollution. We don’t even know what’s on our phones. It’s really gross.”


Nighttime beauty regime
“I have to take off all my makeup, it’s a must to let your skin breathe. I use Lancome Bi-Facil to remove eye makeup and everything else. Then I apply Energie de Vie skincare and follow it with the Lancome Hydra Zen Night Masque Night Cream. For me, I take more time and pride with my skincare than my makeup just because your palette has to be a solid base.”


Biggest skincare concern
“I’m quite pale, so I worry about the sun. And living in Los Angeles there’s a lot of it. So I use Lancome UV Expert and try to wear as much sunscreen as I can. And sometimes you don’t want to because you feel it’s going to feel weird under your foundation but luckily Lancome covers you because they work underneath your foundation. Sometimes if you’re mixing brands it can get too oily or too shiny. But when I go to the beach I don’t want to look oily or shiny. I want to feel protected but also look somewhat glamorous. Like a natural version of myself but not like I’m wearing a bunch of sunblock.”


How she uses social media as a platform to drive social changes
“I believe that it is a platform that you can use to speak very freely and honestly about certain subject matters that were considered too taboo to talk about. I’ve spoken about my eating disorder history, and I feel like social media is what inspired me to write my book. A lot of young girls were telling me their stories and they were being so brave to have their photos next to their stories. But they all assumed that I couldn’t relate because I was an actress, when in fact, I’m just like one of them and have the same amount of insecurity and fears. (With social media), I could reach directly out to them and share my stories with them and it was an amazing way to create a positive community of young woman. To communicate with girls around the world, it’s incredible the outreach you can have with social media.”


Morning or night person
“My ideal time wake up is 9 am, however when I’m working, I like to exercise first thing in the morning, so it tends to be around 7 am. I don’t like to go much earlier. I’m not really a morning person but it’s amazing how much I can accomplish when I do get up that early because then by about 10 am I’ve completed about half the things I needed to do that day and all of a sudden I’ve got all this free time. I wake up not in a good mood necessarily but then I become a morning person. But then I go to bed super late so I’m definitely more of a night person. I just need to learn more about moderation. It doesn’t really help going to bed late then waking up early. Beauty sleep is real.”


Why she loves the Lancome Genifique serum
“On my trip to Taiwan about two years ago, my makeup artist recognised that my skin was quite dry because of all the travelling and recommended I use it to make my skin more vibrant, soft and glowy and make makeup application much easier. The next morning when I woke up, I was like, I’m sold! And it’s not about what the colour of your skin is, it’s about the vibrancy and glow of it. And even for someone like myself who has pale skin, it still glowed really brightly. So from that moment on, I use it in times of need, like before a photoshoot or after a flight. Not all the time, but for that extra kick to look like I’ve been to the spa or had a facial. It has really made a big difference to my skin.”


Best makeup tip she’s ever received
“That you can do both eyes and lip in a look, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. I used to think you can only do big eyes with a muted lip, or lip and muted eyes. And also, there’s a cool trick that if you use a white liner to line the underneath of your eyes, it makes it pop more.”


Go-to beauty look
“I don’t really have one anymore! But I do love a bold lip and mascara.”


Favourite ways to unwind
“I love baking and watching reality tv, usually Top Chef and Great British Bake Off. I hate to say it but like The Real Housewives, anything on Bravo, Project Runway. I love going to movies with friends, trying new restaurants and I love a good massage every once in a while when I’m travelling. I’ll hit up a spa.”


She feels happiest…
“When I’m surrounded by my closest friends and when I know that I’ve pushed myself beyond what I thought I was capable of and came out of the other side successful. And that doesn’t have to mean in work or professionally successful, just that I have fulfilled something within myself that I didn’t know I was capable of.”


Beauty is…
“Accepting what is different about ourselves as what makes us unique and beautiful. The quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful. Beauty is accepting those differences among ourselves.”

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