Directed by Johan Renck, the campaign is centered around a young woman (embodied by Lily-Rose Depp) who personifies the present time and is defined by the paradoxes of her own personality: multi-faceted, both artist and muse, vulnerable and invincible. She disrupts the codes while incarnating them.

bWebsite-Landscape-Images-(-500hx700w-)Chanel N°5 L’eau EDT ($165) is latest and fifth interpretation of the (now) iconic scent. Neither a cologne, nor a diluted version of the original, L’eau (which means water in French) is described by its perfumer Olivier Polge as “the freshest version of Chanel N°5”. It still contains the pillar of the original – May rose – but now in a greener, more crisp form. To create it, Polge gave preference to aldehydes with the scent of orange rind, abandoning the more metallic ones, for a more fruity feel. He increased the vibrancy of the zests, removed the powder from the base and added green to the ylang-ylang.

While perhaps less abstract than its predecessors, L’eau radiates citrus with notes of lemon, mandarin and orange. But as you descend into the heart of the fragrance, you begin to identify the lightness of rose melding with jasmine and even a touch of ylang ylang. And at the base of all these is a soft, cottony musk for an entirely refreshing scent that is surprising in its simplicity. The fragrance will hit stores worldwide on September 1 2016.


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