If you’re tired of having to apply multiple lipstick shades before getting the right one for your skin tone, here’s a quick fix by way of Sephora. Its new website function, Visual Artist, will help you find that out in just a few clicks.

To begin, take a photograph of your face on your computer’s built-in webcam or upload a selfie (you can do the latter on your computer or smartphone). Facial recognition technology is used to detect your lip location and shape (you can move the dots to outline your lips more accurately). Then, you can virtually try on hundreds of shades thanks to the use of Pantone Colour IQ.

Here, four user-friendly features to know:


#1: The “Filter” option

Choose from seven filters – red, pink, berry, coral, nude, universal and unconventional – and find a colour that best suits your skin tone. You might just spend hours on this since there are a total of 1,892 shades to play around with.

#2: The “Surprise Me” button

When you click on this feature, you’ll get to “apply” four random shades on your puckers.

#3: The “Compare” button


Now you can be adventurous with your lip colour choices – this particular function allows you to compare how four different shades look on your face. You can download, save and share the photos and send it off to your BFFs for advice before buying anything. The best part? There’s a sidebar that shows each lipstick you’ve just “tried on” to make your purchases that much easier.

#4: The “See Now Buy Now” function

With each shade you choose, you’ll be able to pick from a variety of lippies (filtered by format, shade or brand) and cart them out immediately.


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