#1: Disguise chipped nails by adding a layer of glittery polish over the top. The texture helps conceal any imperfections.

#2: Make nail decals look less like a sticker and more like polish by adding a clear topcoat – it also makes them last longer. 

#3: If you want a more natural-looking finish with makeup, apply foundation only on areas that need help, such as the cheeks or chin, instead of the entire face.

#4: To prevent eyes from looking small and close-set, don’t use eyeliner along the inner first quarter of your lids.

#5: To help eyeshadow and liners glide on more smoothly, apply a lightweight eye cream under eyes and over lids before makeup.


#6: Lining the inner corners of eyes with a white pencil is said to make them appear larger. A better option for Asians: a champagne tone, which blends better with our skin.    

#7: A simple formula when it comes to choosing lip colour: Dark shades tend to make lips look thinner, while lighter colours add volume.

#8: For a more contoured look sans makeup, dab your cheekbones with Vaseline for a natural highlight.

#9: Humidity can cause eye pencils to become soft and smudgy. To create a thinner, cleaner line with them, leave them in the fridge for about 30 minutes before use.   

#10: Use a lighter shade of concealer to hide lines around the eyes, and a darker one to cover puffiness and eye bags.


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