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Polish Your Way To Ultra-Soft Skin With These 12 Luxurious Body Scrubs

Exfoliate your way into the New Year (we know it's easy to forget) with these luxurious body scrubs which will have you saying goodbye to ingrown hairs, dry patches and dull skin.

This article was first published on Harper’s Bazaar.

We love a good body scrub – it leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed, and can be an at-home spa experience on its own. But it’s also an essential component in your beauty regime in giving your skin a glowy, evened out skin tone, and on a more serious note, prevent ingrown hair and body acne.

As dead skin tends to linger, a good scrubbing once or twice a week is in order. Make sure you do not get an overzealous exfoliant with irritants such as detergents, fragrances and allergens, which can break down the outermost layer of your skin, damaging healthy skin cells in the process. Here, we list the best body scrubs for glorious skin.

The Body Shop Olive Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub, $31
Suitable even for dry, chapped, or itchy skin, this luxuriously creamy scrub smells of the earthy and subtle scent of olive, thanks to its main component olive oil, which was derived from Italy with anti-aging and antioxidant properties to soothe, relieve and repair skin by rebuilding the skin’s moisture. Frank Body, Original Coffee Scrub, $15
If you love the smell of coffee, you’ll feel absolutely pampered with this scrub. Made for dry skin while targeting cellulite, the coffee granules help to improve blood circulation and the appearance of cellulite, with almond oil, sea salt, and vitamin E to soothe and hydrate. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish, $109
This fan favourite harnesses the exfoliating powers of brown sugar crystals to gently buff skin, with notes of ginseng and peppermint for a spa-like sensory treatment. A blend of evening primrose, jojoba, and sweet almond and apricot kernel oils also leave skin feeling supple immediately out of the shower. Handmade Heroes, Super Duper Nourishing Body Scrub – Absolutely Rosy, $21.90
This gentle yet effective body scrub contains delicately crushed rose petals and sugar crystals to smooth and soften your skin, while shea butter and sweet almond oils helps to plump and hydrate for silky, smooth skin. Herbivore Botanicals, Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish, $56
This organic and plant-based body polish combines its scrub component of giant sugar grains with a healthy dose of coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil that dramatically softens skin while getting rid of dead skin. Kopari, Coconut Crush Scrub, $65
The smell of this scrub’s pleasantly refreshing tropical coconut scent lingers for about 15 minutes after washing off, but the moisturising effects from its coconut oil and beeswax base lingers long after. Plus, the coconut shell powder and brown sugar are gentle yet effective in sloughing dead skin away for silky, smooth skin. Kora Organics By Miranda Kerr, Body Exfoliator, $59
This gel-based body scrub is gentle enough for daily use. It contains bamboo stem extract to buff away dead skin cells, while aloe vera and lemongrass to soothe, tone and brighten skin. Lush, Magic Crystals Shower Scrub, $38
This rich purple scrub not only does the magic of smoothing and brightening your skin, thanks to its salt blend and a mix of wholesome oils, but is a great refresher. Its combination of peppermint, spearmint, rosemary and sage helps to ease tired muscles, and leaves skin with a soft and minty feeling after. Soap and Glory, Flake Away Body Polish, $35
This body polish uses sea salts and peach seed powder that works hard to remove dry skin, while shea butter and sweet almond oil helps to hydrate and soften. Plus, their fresh bergamot and soft musk notes are an added sensorial treat. Tata Harper, Smoothing Body Scrub, $74
This luxurious multi-particle exfoliating blend is made with sugar, salt, crushed apricot seeds, and an oil-blend that contains sunflower and argan-oil for an instant moisturising effect. Plus, with its natural, clay-like scent and gold-topped jar, it’s almost like it was plucked out from the spa. Tree Hut, Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub, $9
This gentle sugar scrub contains a blend of sugar, organic shea butter, coconut and lime extracts with natural oils to softly polish dead and damaged skin. And the refreshingly tropical scent of coconut and lime lingers on your freshly rejuvenated skin long after your shower. W.ant Skincare, Hot Cocoa Body Scrub, $49
A gentle exfoliator made with coconut sugar, cocoa powder, spearmint leaves and cinnamon powder, the W.ANT hot cocoa body scrub works as divinely as it smells and leaves your skin feeling softer and glowier after just one use. Plus, the dry formula means that you can customise the amount of scrub to your preference, with either water or your favourite shower gel.