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8 Ultra-Luxe Face Creams That Will Make Dry Or Mature Skin Look And Feel Its Best

Only the best for the skin you’re in: These creams not only feel luxurious, they’re packed with cream of the crop ingredients to nourish and keep skin in tip top condition.

These miracles in jars don’t come cheap, but they are pricey for good reason. The brands pulled all the stops to combine meticulous research, potent ingredients, efficient delivery systems and ultra comforting, super plush textures to make the most efficacious face creams that promise to stop – or at least slow down – the hands of time for your skin.

Best for addressing all signs of ageing from wrinkles to sagging (yes, they really do it all!), but also amazing for replenishing moisture, plumpness and suppleness for dry skin.

If you’re ready to spare no expense for the sake of good skin, read on for our top luxe face cream picks. After all, you take daily vitamins and eat well for your health — this is simply the skincare equivalent. Splurge, we say!

Cle de Peau Beaute La Creme, $875 for 30ml, from Tangs and Cle De Peau Beaute counters.
Not just super nourishing for the skin, this cream also helps to normalise and optimise communication within the skin so that nutrients are better absorbed and utilised for ideal results. It deeply moisturises, blocks out environmental stress, smoothes out lines and wrinkles, and brightens and evens out the skin tone. La Mer Genaissance de la Mer The Eye & Expression Cream, $630 for 15ml, from Tangs and La Mer counters.
This goes on silky and feeds skin with the brand’s signature Miracle Broth and other skin-loving ferments to accelerate skin renewal. This is meant for use around the eyes and on expression lines, and those who have tried it say the difference is visible – lines are visibly plumped up and skin is lifted and firmer. Lines around the eyes, dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet don’t stand a chance. Dior Prestige La Creme Texture Essentielle, $505 for 50ml, from Dior counters.
A rose extract is behind the potency of this face beautifying cream. Dior’s Rose de Granville was created by horticulturists and the active molecules that help in skin regeneration were painstakingly extracted and put into this formula. The cream melts into the skin, refining, comforting and renewing it from within so it looks more flawless and youthful.   Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Invigorating Cream, $625 for 60ml, from Sulwhasoo.
Utilising highly concentrated Korean Red Pine, which is traditionally used for vitality to fight signs of ageing in the land of the morning calm, this cream is said to stimulate youth. In addition, it has wild ginseng to strengthen and stimulate skin to reduce signs of tiredness. Sisleya L’Integral Anti Age Cream, $590 for 50ml, from Sisley.
It strengthens skin against environmental stress such as smog, pollution, dry air-conditioning, but this cream goes above and beyond. It even counteracts genetic causes of ageing, thanks to active botanical ingredients such as rhatany and lady’s mantle extracts that smoothen lines and firm skin from within. The brand promises you’ll see results from using this cream daily in as fast as four weeks.   SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream, $499 for 50g, from SK-II.
Want your skin to be firmer with a more radiant and clear skin tone at the same time? This richly moisturising cream promises to do that. It has high concentrations of Pitera, the brand’s signature ingredient that improves the overall appearance of skin, making it look crystal clear. Nine other skin-conditioning ingredients also help to intensely nourish and give skin a supple bounce.   Lancome Absolue Soft Cream, $450 for 60ml, from Lancome.
The scent and texture of this cream will win you over initially – it smells subtly of roses, the key ingredient in the formula, and the texture melts into skin and is easily absorbed. But the cream’s benefits are what will keep you coming back for more – it kickstarts skin’s regeneration so that lines, dark spots, dryness and sagging are diminished.   La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, $740 for 50ml, from La Prairie and Tangs.
Infused with the brand’s nourishing caviar extract, this powerhouse cream makes skin toned and silky soft, not to mention smooth to the touch. Its rich, creamy texture envelops skin, cancelling any sense of tightness or dryness and leaving it moisturised and with a youthful suppleness.