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Make It Rain! 7 Shower Gels To Splurge On

Shower gels – humble, everyday, and now worth an upgrade. Here are our picks of the best luxury options, from mainstays like Aesop to cult spa brands like Thann.

Back in July, the Meteorological Service Singapore predicted a spate of rainy days to come with temperatures possibly dropping to 22 deg C. Now that we’re in August, we can firmly say this: doesn’t look like it’s happening. The days are warm as ever – hotter, even – and it’s making us rethink our coping mechanisms. Namely: shower gels.

One aspect that’s made some life-changing difference is giving the humble, unassuming everyday product an upgrade. That means taking a step up from the drugstore and moving into fancier, more aspirational territory. This isn’t, however, a knock on drugstore products. Drugstore shower products are great, but the scents can be a tad common. Dove? Fantastic. But everyone knows the smell. Neutrogena Rainbath? Iconic. But again, easily named and identified.

There is, however, new joy to be found when you spend just a little more on a humble shower product that can turn a twice-daily (at least) ritual into something to look forward to. Sensorially, you get a much wider range of fragrance notes and different textures from lightweight and hydrating to rich and creamy. These are products to make the starts and ends of your day better – consider it a self-love edit.

Miller Harris Rhubarb and Peony Body Wash, $36 for 300ml, Amaris
Rhubarb is emerging as a real fragrance winner for sunny weather. The sweet-sour, fruity zing is as refreshing as it is enveloping, and this shower gel layers notes of grapefruit, blackcurrant and mask, in addition to the two in the name. Result: fun, fresh way to start the day. Eastern Orchard Aromatherapy Shower Gel, $33 for 320ml. Thann
This under-the-radar spa brand is an easy go-to for sensuous, relaxing scents. The Eastern Orchard line features yuzu and neroli essential oils, coupled with rice bran (rich in Vitamin E!), grapeseed and argan oil for a naturally emollient and moisturising experience.  Citrus Melange Body Cleanser, $60 for 500ml, Aesop
An edit of aspirational bathroom products would not be complete without the brand that practically defined apothecary-chic style. This body cleanser imparts an energising sense of cleanliness without being drying – a benefit of its gentle low-foam formula. Drunk Elephant Kamili Cream Body Cleanser, $28 for 240ml, Sephora
Drunk Elephant recently launched its debut foray into hair and body care, and we’re happy to report back that it’s pretty great. This gentle, milky cleanser works for all but the most sensitive skins, and smells like comforting sweet almonds. Eau Dynamisante Shower Gel, $40 for 150ml, Clarins
If you’re feeling a little nostalgic scent-wise, it’s hard to go wrong with the invigorating lemon, petitgrain and ginseng blend of good old Eau Dynamisante. It’s a little softer and more inviting in this version compared to the spray, but imparts just as strong a sense of well-being and energy. Hermes Eau de Pamplemousse Rose Cleansing Gel, $94 for 300ml, Hermes
This shower gel captures perfectly the sense of Hermes’ line of colognes: simple, effervescent, and centered on high-quality ingredients. Here, it’s the meeting of bittersweet grapefruits and plush roses. All in all, a bright and cheery scent that almost sparkles. Santa Maria Novella Liquid Soap, $68 for 250ml, Colony Clothing
Santa Maria Novella may be famous for its old-world scents and its romantic history Dominican friars, but there’s a treasure to be found in its straightforward, musk-scented body wash. It’s got a lower profile, and the subtle sweetness smells quite simply like your skin but better.