#1: Set your pencil eyeliner with eyeshadow to prevent it from smudging.

#2: Cheat tip for those in their 30s and under – any leftover facial moisturiser on your hands can double as neck cream (though you should use proper neck products if you’re older).

#3: Adding a few drops of facial oil to your regular creams or liquid foundation increases their hydration properties.

#4: For a more natural-looking flush, apply your blusher in swirling, circular motions instead of patting it on.

#5: Braids tend to look best when hair is slightly greasy, so skip a wash to give them more texture and volume.


#6: An easy way to soften and smooth puckers: Gently rub them with a damp cloth at night to remove dried, dead skin, then slap on the lip balm.

#7Towel-drying locks can weaken them because of excessive friction. A better option is to squeeze out excess water with a tissue, or pat dry with an old tee.

#8: The smooth texture of silk or satin pillowcases is not only less likely to cause creases on the face (as cotton pillowcases tend to do), but also helps blowouts last longer.

#9Splash ice-cold water over your eyes to reduce puffiness in the morning quickly.

#10: If you feel that your concealer is too thick, add a drop of eye serum (preferably from the same brand) to dilute it. This also boosts its moisturising properties.

An adapted version of this appeared in Female‘s June 2016 issue.

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