Korean makeup artist Pony (real name, Park Hye Min) is known for her mad makeup skills. So when we got a chance to sit in on one of her masterclasses, we had to jot down a few pointers that would be really useful for beginners. Below, five pro tips to get you in the groove.

1. When applying loose powder to set your base makeup, use a puff on areas that tend to be more oily like your T-zone. On areas that are less oily, use a brush to dab gently and lightly instead of sweeping it across your face.

2. We love intense eyeshadow shades and to obtain great colour payoff, use a flat brush and gently tap the product in — instead of sweeping it across your eyelids.

3. Clumps on our lashes are a huge no-go, so to prevent that from happening, apply your mascara in zig-zag motions (it’s the same for your lower lashes too) before brushing it upwards for maximum volume.

4. To ensure your lashes remain voluminous and lengthy, curl them once more after applying mascara. Do make sure that they’ve dried before doing so.

5. When using cream blushers, always set it with loose powder so that it doesn’t budge or smudge.

Main image: Showbit.com