Makeup artist Benedict Choo shares 5 tips for faking glowing skin.

Makeup Artist Benedict Choos 5 Tips For Faking Glowing Skin 1

Singapore makeup artist Benedict Choo has been in the business of turning people into better-looking versions of themselves for 10 years. He never went to makeup school, preferring to learn all his skills from industry players instead. “You just have to be thick-skinned sometimes,” he says of his life lessons.

Reap the benefits of Choo’s persistence. Here, his tried-and-true tips on how to fake a bright, glowing complexion, even when you’ve only had three hours’ sleep.

1. Use corrector, then concealer
“Concealer alone can make skin look a little grey. Use a peach-tone corrector under the eyes to balance out the darkness, and green-tone corrector to counter red blotches around the nose. Then apply concealer in your skin tone.”

 2. Hide spots AFTER applying foundation
“Don’t overdo the concealer. After foundation, use a brush to dab a tiny bit of concealer over the spot, then pat in with your fingers to blend.”

 3. Dust loose powder over the T-zone
“Any loose powder will do. Pick up a tiny amount (see below) with a large brush and dust it across your forehead and down the bridge of your nose. Instant glow.”

Makeup Artist Benedict Choos 5 Tips For Faking Glowing Skin 2

 4. Choose a true pink blusher – it’s best for brightening
“True pinks suit everyone. And it brightens better than any other colour. You’ll look more alive with some pink across the cheekbones.”

 5. Go for a coral lip
“Lip colour can lift or dull complexion instantly, no matter what the rest of your makeup looks like. In my experience, coral is the best lip shade for brightening Asian skin tones.”