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The Makeup Artists Of Seoul Fashion Week 2017 Spill The Runway Makeup Hacks You Need To Know

We flew to Seoul to get the lowdown behind achieving the beauty looks at Seoul Fashion Week.

Who doesn’t want to look perpetually runway-ready? Jason Lee, Hera’s chief makeup artist and director of backstage at Seoul Fashion Week, tells us which beauty tips and tricks can translate from the catwalk to the Singapore streets.

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#1: It’s all about the patting technique

Cushion lovers, did you know that the way you use your puff affects how long your makeup lasts? To ensure that you’re applying enough pressure on your face, use three fingers for optimal tension on the puff. Pat the product onto your face in a circular motion, starting from the centre of your face and moving to the outside.

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Pat in circles, moving outwards from the middle of the face.

#2: Give your skin the boost it needs

We all know the pain of starting the day looking fresh and dewy, and disintegrating into an oily mess by the end of the night (thanks, humidity). To give your makeup a longer lease of life, use a booster cream before applying foundation or bb cream. Jason recommends Hera’s Magic Starter, a makeup base that provides moisture for up to 12 hours. And if you’re using moisturiser, opt for those that have a silky texture, and leave it to absorb on the skin for at least 3 to 4 minutes before your makeup regime.

#3: Use a cushion puff after a rough night

Feeling and looking a little worse for wear after a hard day’s night? You might want to keep your beauty blender at bay. Because sponges absorb some of the product, the result is a thin layer of foundation on the face, which looks more sheer and natural. But if you want to hide dullness and dark circles, the cushion puff is your weapon of choice because it transfers more foundation on your face with minimal absorption into the puff.

#4: Never skip the skincare

Jason swears by Hera Cell Essence, which he always uses on the models prior to makeup. Containing eight skin cell activating ingredients, this key product looks to keep your skin supple and healthy. Apply the essence with a cotton pad, as you would a toner. Sweep the pad along your face, following the natural lines and contours. Another tip: if you’re pressed for time, makeup artists use an extremely soft sponge to apply skincare, as a speedy solution for the essence sink into the skin before makeup.

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When applying skincare, follow the lines of your face.

#5: Your makeup can be multi-functional

Because of the chaos of backstage, makeup artists tend to make the most out of their products so they double up for different purposes. Coral lipstick is also used as a blusher, and brown eyeshadow can work as eyeliner or for shading. If you’ve got bronze eyeshadow, try using this on your brows. Because Asian skin has yellow undertones, bronze shades tend to look more natural on the face.

#6: No lip liners allowed

Do you prefer K-Beauty to Kylie Jenner? Then trade your liquid lipsticks and lip liners for a lip brush. Because the Koreans believe in #MLBB (my lips but better, for the non-millennial), they prefer a more natural lip without emphasising the lines. Apply your lipstick (Korean women prefer pink and coral shades) at the centre of your lips, and use your brush to fill in the rest of your lips.

#7: Matte is here to stay

Once known to champion dewy, glowing skin, the new Korean makeup trend is moving towards a semi-matte complexion. And their products are beginning to echo that: Hera’s brand new Black Cushion offers a more matte coverage, but still giving a natural enough look without appearing cakey. This theme continues with the lips – a couple of years ago it was all about the gloss, but Jason observes that most designers are requesting for matte lips on the runway.

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