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5 Make Up Looks From Euphoria That Are Beautiful And So Easy To Recreate

Whether you’ve tuned into Euphoria or not, one thing that we can all appreciate is its experimental makeup looks that proves this to us: you don’t need to be a runway makeup artist to bedazzle your face with colours and shapes. Here we break down how, step by step.

Main image: Instagram (@jessyluxe)

HBO’s latest teen drama series Euphoria is so highly raved about, and for many different reasons. While its gripping storyline – that follows the lives of suburban teenagers while they navigate drugs, booze and sex on top of struggling issues of self-image and sexuality that we all deal with – was one of it, its refreshing face beats were the other.

In the search for individual liberation in such a fast-changing world, beauty can be one of the ways in which we explore our identities. And the characters in Euphoria show us how. Because after all, beauty is more than just achieving snatched brows and a blinding highlight. Above all, it’s a form of self-expression too. From bold colours to shimmering gold tears to rhinestone eyebrows, the characters don’t just wear these looks to special occasions. They wear it to school, work and to the grocery store. We break down our top five looks in the show with this step-by-step guide.

1. Maddy's '90s-inspired look
Image credit: Instagram (@kirinrider)    Meet Maddy Perez, Euphoria’s ‘It’ girl. As the head cheerleader with a football-playing boyfriend, she might appear as a cliche, but her beauty looks are quite the opposite – they’re far from normalcy. This elevated ’90s light blue shadow and frosted lip look is just one of the looks that make her the beauty icon she is on the show. The multitude of YouTube tutorials on how to recreate her femme fatale look (complete with all the colours), tells all.      Too Faced Crystal Whips Shimmering Eye Shadow in Club Kid, $33
Too Faced’s liquid moonlight shimmer is the star, dash it all over your lip for an icy, iridescent effect on your pretty pouters. Glitter Pop! Peel Off Liner in Super Fun Night, $31
Then, lend some glamourous drama to the lids by making it look jewel-encrusted with this silver glitter liner that’s said to be budge-proof until you decide that you want it off. It isn’t a pain to remove because it peels of easily when you want it to. Benefit Gimme Brow, $23
When it comes to the brows, go au naturel. Yes, even if they’re thin. In fact, it’s even more of a look if you’ve got sparse brow hairs. But if you’d like fuller ones, accentuate your natural brow hairs by pushing them up with Benefit’s Gimme Brow – the fibres in them make your brows appear thicker. 2. Anna's bold, rave look
Image: Instagram (@euphoriamakeupinspo)   Though Quintessa Swindell’s character Anna might’ve only been featured in a single episode, her campy look is one that’s hard to forget. Anna might have worn this look to a mega rave, but you could still have a ball of time trying this out in your bathroom.      3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot in Scarlet Red, $36
Apply 3ce’s scarlet red multi-functional balm under the eyes in a crescent shape. It’s like an exaggerated cat-eye, but upside-down. Plus point, it also works as a lip stain. Natasha Denona Singles False Eyelashes in Medium, $18
Carefully, place a few individual lashes at the beginning and middle of the lash line and adhere it with your trusty lash glue. The best part? Plenty leftover. 3. Jules' highlighter lids
Image: Instagram (@donni.davy)   Hunter Schafer’s character, Jules, is a quirky and upbeat one. The show’s makeup artist Doniella Davy, sure saw to it that her makeup choices reflected that. Jules’ can often be seen experimenting around with all the colours on the spectrum as a means of expressing herself amid relationships turmoils. Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Pressed Pigment Palette in Neon Orange Obsessions, $49
Now, this is a look. This look is best served with an equally Stabilo-esque neon number. The jackpot is Huda Beauty’s neon palette that is home to a whole range of colours in one compact square. Keeping the rest of your face bare and fresh, as Jules did, will make your eyes pop even more. 4. Kat's graphic e-girl look
Image: Instagram (@euphoriamakeupinspo)   Barbie Ferreira’s character, Kat, displays some of the most profound character growth in the show. She starts off timid and shy, always hiding from the crowd. By the end of the season, she embodies female power with her relentless drive and constant ability to stand up for herself. As an advocate for body positivity, Kat uses both beauty and fashion as a tool to grow her self confidence.  Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Devils, $28
With Halloween around the corner, this look seems apt if you want a little something that deviates from the norm but isn’t too OTT. Kat Von D comes bearing gifts with this blood-red long-wearing lipstick that works well as an eyeliner, especially on oily skin. Flick it out in the inner corners of your eyes.  Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper, $32
Next, use the liner to perfect classic big, bold wings on the outer corners this time. Finish up by adding dainty little adhesive gemstones on the side of your face to amp but the prettiness of this look by a few notches. 5. Maddy's floating liner look
Image: Instagram (@euphoriamakeupinspo) Maddy’s character makes a second appearance with another statement eye look. This one is a lot more elementary when it comes to technique, but equally as bold. As Maddy often keeps the rest of her face low on makeup – save for some light contouring under the cheekbones – and puts her own signature twist on already classic shapes, her looks are relatively wearable. Like this one.   Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Midnight, $34
Two steps, two products that’ll have you looking more than a ‘2’. Blue cut-crease, floating eyeliner, on the outer corners of the lids – courtesy of Stila. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Star Fire, $30
Then, follow up by filling in the empty lid space with this warm, coppery liquid glitter to brighten up the eyes. Smooth it on with a brush or use your fingers to pack it on for intensive shine. Peach and cucumber extract condition the skin to ensure it remains healthy and moisturised throughout the day.