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Winged Eyeliner For Monolids

Better known by her screen name, @heyclaire, Claire Marshall is considered one of the OGs of YouTube. In this timeless video, Claire shares her favourite products and techniques for achieving the perfect winged eyeliner for monolids in foolproof steps.

Smoky Eyes For Monolids

A step-by-step guide on how to recreate Crazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu’s makeup look on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Californian beauty guru Sandy Lin, shares her favourite makeup products and tools for achieving the coveted look in simple steps that everyone can follow.

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Smoky Eyes For Hooded Eyes

Makeup artist turned beauty guru turned entrepreneur, Tina Yong, created this foolproof guide on nailing the smoky eyes look for hooded eyes. She explains how matte eyeshadows are the best when it comes to hooded eyes along with other super easy tips and tricks.

Mascara On Short, Straight Asian Lashes

YouTube beauty guru and blogger, Jen Chae, shares her favourite tips and tricks to overcome the challenges of applying mascara on short, straight Asian eyelashes. She also discusses topics from choosing the right eyelash curler to mascara formula and application technique, which make for an uncomplicated and easy to follow tutorial.

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Blush-Toned Eyes For Monolids

Priscilla Ono, Fenty Beauty’s Global Makeup Artist, demonstrates her favourite way of creating a fun pink look on monolids. Using the brand’s Chill Owt holiday collection and Moroccan Spice palette, Ono’s step-by-step guide is uncomplicated and yields Rihanna-approved results.

Cut Crease For Monolids

It’s Jen Chae again, and in this video she shares her tried and tested methods of creating a cut crease eye-makeup look in fuss-free steps. She elaborates on her favourite products and techniques to achieve the perfect cut crease without all the added hassle.

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Contouring For Asians

It’s another Tina Yong tutorial, but this time on how she contours the face. There’s lots of contouring videos out there, but not many featuring in Asian face, which is what makes this video so great. In this video, she demonstrates step-by-step on how she does so, using affordable drugstore makeup products, high-end product recommendations and thoughtful techniques. The best part? It’s really easy to follow.

Achieving Immaculately Groomed Brows

Michelle Phan has been synonymous with makeup videos on YouTube for as long as I can remember. From grooming to the actual application of makeup, Phan’s eyebrow tutorial, from back when she was still making videos, is filled with step-by-step demonstrations, product recommendations and tips for achieving flawless brows.

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Adding Depth And Definition On Asian Eyes

Makeup artist to the stars, Monika Blunder, perfectly demonstrates her expert knowledge on adding depth and definition on Asian eyes. She carefully explains the rationale behind her choices in products and techniques, making this video super easy to follow and replicate.

How To Pull Off  Yellow Eyeshadow on Asian Eyes

Seen on celebrities like Zendaya, Kim Kardashian-West and Margot Robbie, the yellow eyeshadow trend took the beauty industry by surprise this year. And if you’re wondering how to translate this look onto Asian eyes, Sandy Lin is here to share her tips. Lin also shares her favourite products and effortless techniques for achieving this fabulous look in fuss-free steps.

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