We don’t know about you, but the smell of coconuts always brings to mind a tropical vacay and pina coladas (complete with pretty paper brollies).

And while we’ve been hearing about coconut oil and its benefits for a long time now, we’ve also noticed coconut water’s recent surge in popularity. It’s suddenly everywhere in supermarkets and featured in a good amount of skincare, thanks to its wonderful hydrating properties and inviting scent.

Enter Marc Jacobs Beauty’s new Coconut Glow summer range, which includes all of five products – but they’re the only five things you really need for that beautifully bronzed glow.


You may be familiar with the Perfecting Coconut Face Primer ($69), which was the very first coconut Marc Jacobs Beauty item released towards the end of 2015. My cheeks and jawline tend to get quite dehydrated because my days are spent cooped up in a dehydrating air-conditioned office, so this has quickly become my go-to hydrating primer. In fact, I’ve only got a quarter of a bottle left, which almost never happens with my primers. It doesn’t contain potentially pore-clogging silicone, but rather a comforting coconut-derived polymers that form a vitamin-rich barrier between your skin and makeup while quite literally quenching the thirst of your skin.

This year, the brand has added four new items to the range, three of which are makeup-related. And if there’s one thing Marc Jacob Beauty never fails to deliver, it’s the most exquisite packaging ever. The Coconut Glow range comes in an array of sleek white and frosted packaging that you will absolutely want to show off on your top shelf.

coconutSkincare-wise, you can look forward to a Re(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist ($62) to complement the primer and keep your complexion looking dewy and healthy. We’ve seen some mixed reviews on this one, so try before you buy in case you don’t like the somewhat erratic spray on the nozzle!


For makeup, the first is an absolutely stunning golden-peach liquid gel highlighter called the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter ($69) which you can either add into the primer or foundation or wear as is on naked skin. It also contains skin-nourishing vitamin B5 and five forms of coconut. If you’re just going to the beach or are foregoing foundation for the day, you can add half a pump of this to your moisturiser for an all-over goddess-like glow, and then apply it directly to the high points of your face. So gorgeous.

coconutNext up is a limited edition Omega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan ($69) bronzer that comes in a massive pan (the size of my palm!) with a very respectable mirror (it’s big enough to catch all angles of your face). The hue is fairly neutral, which makes it great for contouring in a pinch, but it only comes in one shade which is more suited for light or medium skin tones.

Last of all is a limited edition bronzer brush ($100). The brush has a lovely weight to it and the softest white bristles, but we will say that is a very large brush and might be too big for bronzer if you want a more focused application. That said, you might love the brush for setting your face with powder!

You can shop the range right now on or test and swatch it for yourself in stores.

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