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Add To Cart: The New Mascaras To Try For Fluttery Lashes

Give your lashes the boost they need with these mascaras.
Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara, $39, Fenty Beauty
This waterproof mascara is formulated to do it all – lengthen, curl and volumise. Its unique brush has two sides, a “fat side” to lift lashes for the ultimate curl, and a “flat side” to define and add volume. Caution Extreme Lash Mascara, $46, Hourglass
The tapered brush head of this mascara allows you to reach tiny lashes at the inner corner of the eyes. The buildable formula also allows you to coat lashes without the worry of clumping. Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, $44, Marc Jacobs Beauty
This mascara was inspired by Marc Jacobs’s first beauty memory of his mother carefully shaving fibres from a velvet ribbon to create her own couture faux lashes. Containing lash extension fibres that lengthen and thicken each eye lash, this mascara allows you to achieve a faux lash look easily. FetishEyes™ Mascara, $44, Pat McGrath Labs
This lash-conditioning mascara contains peptides and panthenol to strengthen and hydrate lashes while helping to achieve runway-worthy lashes. LashLift 188 Mascara, $28, Pixi
This two-in-one mascara is designed like a nesting Russian doll. Use the outer wand to add volume, then the smaller inner wand to coat bottom lashes and tiny lashes on the inner corner of your eyes. ImperialLash MascaraInk Waterproof, $50, Shiseido Makeup
The silicone brush on the wand means you get bristles on the tip, which allows you to reach smaller lashes and cost them easily without clumping or smudging. Its water-proof formulation means it can withstand the sweatiest of days without smearing. Soleil Lash Rays Mascara, $76, Tom Ford Beauty
The ideal mascara to pack along for a beach holiday, this waterproof mascara lasts throughout the day without caking or clumping.  Lash-filling powders help coat lashes for more voluminous lashes and comes off with warm water.