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Micellar Waters Are The French Girl's Secret To Good Skin

French women are famous for their glowing complexions that look healthy with seemingly little effort. Well, we found out their secret and it has to do with skipping facial cleansers. Instead, and if you’re a fan of French pharmacies you might have already noticed this, the French prefer using micellar waters, which gently removes makeup, cleanses and hydrates at the same time.

Micellar cleansing waters contain tiny molecules called micelles, which grab onto and trap unwanted oil, pollution, makeup and dirt so they easily are lifted away, without irritating skin. The result: a hydrated and clean complexion that never looks oily. Another plus, their sheer convenience. You just have to add them to a cotton pad, swipe all over your face and you’re good to go, no rinsing required to prevent dehydration.

Here, our list of the best micellar waters from French beauty brands.