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To All Millennials Out There, These Beauty Brands Want Your Attention

And here's why you'll want to learn more about them.

It is pretty safe to say that millennials are a major consumer group when it comes to the beauty industry. And with social media practically revolutionising the way we live (we’re looking at the selfie generation, ourselves including), achieving flawless skin (without having to meituxiuxiu or turn on the snow app) is one of the top few on our priority list. With the focus switching over to a younger audience, it is only understandable that many beauty brands aim to attract this particular group to meet its needs and demands.

When it comes to targeting the millennials, it is crucial to know what they actually like and enjoy putting on their skin. Think lightweight textures and multi-beneficial, fast-absorbing formulas. Makeup-wise, cool, wearable colours that go along with current trends and textures and don’t feel too heavy, with long-wearing formulas. Another aspect to take note of? The packaging, because, who doesn’t want to ‘gram a collection of beauty products?

Last year, Shiseido revamped its entire makeup line and discontinued a huge bulk of its makeup products, and revealed an entirely new collection that was a lot edgier, cooler and more modern — adopting a minimalistic black and red packaging. Its products featured unique textures (its Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush comes in a mousse-like texture that blends like a dream and sets to a matte finish), bold colours and interesting tech (we’re looking at the VisionAiry Gel Lipstick) that would attract the younger crowd.

Skincare-wise, Sulwhasoo’s new Bloomstay Vitalising Line comes in one of the prettiest pink packagings that are not only IG-worthy but feature effective, safe and gentle formulas targeted at those in their 20s and early 30s — a first for the brand. The range is simple and straightforward comprising a Water (read: toner), Serum and Cream, which is exactly what millennials prefer. The brand taps the power of plum blossoms to boost skin’s defense mechanism, strengthen its resilience and facilitate skin regeneration for stronger skin cells, delaying signs of ageing.

And another skincare brand to join this movement? Clarins.

Known as the my Clarins Line, this new skincare range focuses on achieving healthy skin through five key pillars: radiant and luminous skin; a healthy glow to the complexion; hydrated; plumped skin; and skin with a refined, smooth texture. To help the younger crowd achieve that, the brand has innovated a new technology known as the Healthy Skin Complex, which is made up of a plant-based ingredient blend that consists of coconut water to encourage nutrients to the cell and alpenrose to promote the process of removing the nasties in cells for stronger, healthier and more resilient skin.  The products are also fortified with a concoction of fruit, floral water and plant extracts with energising and detoxifying properties that help to deliver a healthy charge of skin-boosting ingredients while promoting radiance and boosting hydration levels.

Above, the products to know.

#1: Re-boost Comforting Hydrating Cream, $45
Its silky, whipped-like texture makes this a perfect night cream to replenish moisture and nutrients. #2: Re-boost Matifying Hydrating Cream, $45
Ideal for those with oilier skin types, this leaves skin hydrated, silky and perfectly matte for hours. It is formulated with meadowsweet extract and strawberry tree fruit extract to visibly minimise imperfections, control shine and enlarged pores. #3: Re-boost Refreshing Hydrating Cream, $45
A gel-based cream that reawakens and revitalises tired skin while delivering optimum hydration thanks to energy-boosting goji berry extract and moisturising fig extract. #4: Re-fresh Hydrating Beauty Mist, $32
Not only is this a great pick-me-up to refresh your skin throughout the day, it can also be used as a toner to prep skin for other skincare products that follow. #5: Re-move Micellar Cleansing Milk, $30
A lightweight cleansing milk that is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. #6: Re-move Purifying Cleansing Gel, $30
This cooling cleansing gel turns into a lightweight lather once applied to gently remove any traces of make-up, pollutants and dead skin cells. It also helps to rebalance the skin, unclog pores and reduce excess shine. #7: Pore-less Blur and Matte Stick, $28
Apply this travel-friendly mattifying stick before makeup over targeted areas to reduce the appearance of pores and mattify shiny areas of the face. Extracts of organic strawberry tree fruit and chrysin help promote a matte look that lasts so skin is left clear and appears smooth. #8: Spot-less Blemish Targeting Cream, $28
This lightweight gel is infused with meadowsweet extract and is applied directly to blemishes to dry them out and reduce their appearance. #9: Re-charge Relaxing Sleeping Mask, $46
As its name suggests, this helps to recharge your skin while you snooze and provide continuous hydration so you wake up with smooth, fresh, supple soft and plump skin. Main image: