Korean beauty speaks of skin that’s so glowy to the point that it’s reflective like glass – along with the thousands of steps to achieve it, of course. Japan’s take on its ideal of beautiful skin? Mochi hada, that translates to “rice cake skin” or “mochi skin”. Yes, we’re talking about the sweet delicacy that the Japanese – and all of us – adore.

And if you’ve ever gotten up close and personal with a mochi, you’ll know that there’s nothing out there that’s quite like mochi skin. It’s translucent, soft and plump while being neither too oily nor too dry.

Low maintenance girls, rejoice. If you thought that the 10 (or more) steps to achieve glass skin was arduous, you’ll be heaving a sigh of relief. Japanese skincare routine goes back to the basics of just double cleansing, hydrating with a lotion, putting on serums, moisturising and sun protection.

Below, the products that you’ll need to get on board with supple mochi skin.