Multi-masking isn’t exactly a very new term but if you’re unsure of what it is, it is essentially applying more than one mask on your skin to treat different skin concerns all in one go. And this is especially great for those with combination skin as you can now hydrate your cheeks while applying a clay mask on your T-zone to treat congestion.

But besides that standard combination, there are many other methods to try out to target other concerns such as acne, dullness and other signs of ageing. Since many of us are still staying in these days, it is definitely the best time to experiment with different combinations that best suit your skin needs. Here, we share the various ways to switch up your masking routine and the products to get.

#1: Sheet Mask + Eye Mask

Sheet masks are a great way to quickly – and efficiently – deliver moisture and other beneficial properties to your skin. Your complexion is instantly plumped, hydrated and appears more luminous. While your skin does look healthier post sheet mask application, your eye area may not necessarily be getting the nutrients it needs. Therefore, to give your peepers some extra TLC while having a sheet mask on, layer your eye mask underneath your face mask.

#2: Exfoliating Mask + Sheet Mask

When it comes to multi-masking, it does not necessarily have to involve using two – or more – masks in one sitting. One way to multi-mask is to apply two masks one after another to prevent any potential irritation or side effects when using a stronger, more potent mask the first time around. This is especially so when using chemical peels or exfoliating masks. If some sort of irritation, sting, or redness occurs, it may be best to follow up with a soothing sheet mask.

#3: Clay Mask + Wash-Off Mask

Ideal for those with combination skin types, this method allows you to treat the areas of your skin that are oilier and more congested while ensuring other parts of your face still receives the nourishment it needs. Apply the clay mask to your T-zone and let it set before layering any type of wash-off mask over (it could range from gels to creams). It’s that simple.

#4: Eye Mask + Wash-Off Mask + Lifting Mask

This is a power-packed combination that treats three different concerns all at once. Apply an eye mask to de-puff and revitalise the skin around your peepers. Then, add on a wash-off mask of your choice (it could be one that targets dull skin or a hydrating option) to areas where your skin needs some extra nourishment. Lastly, combat sagging or loose skin around your chin with a lifting mask.

#5: Ampoules + Overnight Sleeping Mask

While ampoules are not masks, they are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients to work more effectively on the skin. This effect is further amplified when added into any overnight sleeping mask. Since our skin is more receptive at night while we snooze, applying an overnight sleeping mask mixed with a potent ampoule will definitely help to rejuvenate our complexions.

#6: Sheet Mask + Eye Mask + Lip Mask + Hair Mask

If you have a little bit more time to pamper yourself, this is the ultimate combination to try out. A holistic approach to masking, this targets the skin around your eyes, cheeks, forehead, t-zone, lips, and of course, your hair. Many times, we tend to neglect our tresses but it is equally important to care for them as we do with our skin. Opt for a sheet mask that best treats your current skin concern whether it be to even out skin tones or treat enlarged pores. Layer an eye mask underneath and a lip mask over to hydrate puckers. Lastly, apply a hair mask to target frizz and dryness.