Contouring your face via makeup isn’t new (see how to make your cheekbones and facial features appear slimmer). But contouring for nails? That’s something that intrigued us the moment we stumbled upon it. And according to celebrated USA-based manicurist Jin Soon Choi, it’s an easy way to make nails appear longer and thinner.

What, exactly, does nail contouring entail? Choi demonstrated the technique at Vera Wang’s Spring/Summer 2017 show during New York Fashion Week: The nail colour was applied only on the middle portion of each nail, leaving a tiny, clear gap around the edges. The result? A sophisticated, minimalist update to using negative space for nail art.

We spotted nail art designs on Instagram that create this same slimming effect too. Get inspired below:

#1: Add a bright strip of colour as a contrast.

#2: Apply a metallic stripe down the centre of each nail for a touch of glam.

#3: Keep things fun with vertical stripes in rainbow hues.

#4: Sharp, pointy triangles placed close to your cuticles work to elongate your digits too.

#5: Alternatively, colour in the sides to create the same illusion.


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Main Image: Jin Soon Choi Instagram