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Beauty Spotlight: The Nail And Facial Salon That Pampers You With Massage Chairs And Netflix

This nail and facial salon nestled away in the Joo Chiat area is one of the the beauty team's favourite pampering spots.

Founded by Liz Watt, a trained beauty professional, and business partner and friend Melanie Ess, Boo-ti Parlour stands out because:

1. It spoils customers rotten – you get an iPad to plug into Netflix while you stretch out in an Osim massage chair behind drawn curtains for complete privacy.

2. Facials are carried out in a cosy, partitioned room at the back to minimise noise from the main area where nails are done. When Boo-ti has an event at its second storey space, facials won’t be available due to the noise. But it’s business as usual downstairs for manis/pedis as customers will be plugged into Netflix.

3. According to Watt, Boo-ti Parlour is the first spa in Singapore to offer Sothy’s Homme Facial, “because we want our male customers – we see one for every four women – to experience a facial with products made for their skin”.

4. Boo-ti’s second storey is for skincare, makeup and grooming workshops, and even yoga classes.


“I love how I get a personal iPad to watch Netflix shows so I don’t have to tune in to a communal TV screening a show that I’m not interested in. The Osim massage chairs are super comfy and the best part about the privacy curtain is that I can draw it to avoid awkward conversations with fellow customers. Hygiene is also top-notch as all the tools – including the basins where you soak your feet during a pedicure (here’s a pedicure expose you must read) – are sanitised and sterilized between customers.” – Dione, beauty writer

“The Sothy’s facial is super gentle and hydrating, and I could barely hear any noise drifting in from the main area where the customers do their nails during my session. Watt is a one-woman show as she handles all the facials, so you can be guaranteed personable and friendly service every time.” – Kayce, beauty writer

Opening hours: 10am to 8pm daily.; tel: 6344-4048.

Images: Boo-Ti Palour, Facebook

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