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Create Your Own Nail Polish Colour With This Mobile App

Thanks to two Singapore entrepreneurs, you can now quite literally create the nail polish shade of your dreams in just 10 minutes – and at a very affordable price, too.

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Have you made time to visit a nail salon, only to discover that none of the shades available were quite what you wanted? Despite the vast number of nail polish brands out there, it’s not all that often that you find a shade of polish you’re crazy about. Colours aside, everyone has different preferences for how cool or warm-toned they like their polish, as well as how light or dark it should be.

For Singapore company Nail Deck’s CEO Daryl Chew, the idea came about when he was importing and distributing nail lacquer to salons and sites like Zalora back in 2011. After a stint of dealing with customers directly, he realised that they were always on the hunt for very specific colours that often didn’t exist in his stockpile.

In order to go into business, he tied up with chemical engineer JJ Wong, the brand’s CTO, who helped with the technical aspect of creating custom colours through extremely precise engineering.

What can you expect? If you’re wondering about the formula of the polish, the brand only has creme finishes available at the moment, but the pigment payoff is incredible. All the colours are created to require only one single coat for full opacity, even black polish.

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How you can get your nail polish customised

The company operates via a mobile app that allows you to photograph and capture the hue of an object you like, or pick a shade you like from a spectrum of colours. You can then adjust the shade until you’re perfectly happy, then place an order for a 5ml or 10ml bottle. The name of the shade is entirely up to you, and when you’re done, the order is processed and mailed out to you. They ship worldwide.

If you want to get it done and see the process for yourself, you can head down to esBoudoir salon at Vivocity from now until the end of the year to visit the Nail Deck pop-up bar, Lacquer Bar. You still pay the standard rate of $11 for a 5ml bottle or $16 for a 10ml bottle, and you only pay when you are completely happy with the colour that’s been mixed for you.

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How the Lacquer Bar process works

#1: You get a one-on-one consultation with a Nail Deck colourist who will walk you through the process. You can discuss a colour you have in mind, though the most efficient method would be to bring a dress or object that has the colour you’re looking for. A spectrometer, a device that analyses colour, picks out the desired colour from your object or provided photo.
#2: An algorithm designed by JJ then converts the digital colour to a formula, and lab-grade equipment will accurately measure and blend the colours. You get to sample the colour as it’s mixed, trying it out under both warm and white lights to make sure the colour is as accurate as possible.
#3: Once you’re happy with the colour, it’s hand-poured into 5 or 10ml bottles, and then plastered with a label printed with the name of your choice.

It’s a truly unique venture, and one that I think has been long overdue. Check out the cool video below for a look at the process:


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