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The Biggest Beauty Game Changers This Season

#1: Chanel Rouge The Insta Galm aid: Coco gloss top coats
Like putting on some jewellery when switching up your outfit, this first-of-its-kind product for the French label not only hydrates puckers, but also changes the shade, texture and mood of whatever lipstick you’ve got on. Caviar, a clear black gel, darkens and adds depth, turning the matte medium red our model’s got on here into a lustrous dark crimson. Impulsion, a translucent neon orange, boosts the radiance of the original shade. And Excitation, a transparent gold, sends the shine factor into overdrive. What we think the whole line should be called: Ingenious. $48 each   The sex update: Extra long eye lines
Cat eyes are seductive, but also retro and predictable. For a modern alternative, draw it straight, tapered (read: don’t flick), and beyond the lash line where most women usually stop. As long as you don’t exceed the length of your brow, you’ve nailed it. Take it from French makeup guru Tom Pecheux, who created a similar look at Elie Saab: “(It’s) young, cool… and, more than anything, fun.”   #3: The new brown eye shadow... is actually red
Last Fall, Chanel launched a whole line of scarlet makeup (mascara, cream shadow, the works), but unless you’re a beauty/fashion junkie, we know you’re probably going, “Red? Seriously?”. Going by all the ways the hue was used around the eyes on this season’s catwalks – from a soft, smouldering smudge at Anna Sui to Kenzo’s disco-inspired smear that reached the temples (seen here) – the answer is a resounding yes. Did we add that the shade flatters Asian skin tones particularly well? #4: The must-have collectibles: Shiseido 7 colors
Anniversaries usually mean a chance to give products a makeover – the older, the bolder the change. This originated as Rainbow Face Powder 100 years ago and – save for a smoother finish and addition of hyaluronic acid – it’s pretty much the same thing, which only shows how revolutionary its roots were. This set ($320) is made up of seven compacts, each of a different shade, to be used alone or mixed with one another. And it’s not just a loose powder – it also enhances, highlights and colour corrects. Peony and yellow boost radiance, white brightens, lavender diffuses sallowness, rose adds flush, beige evens out skin tone, and green hides redness. Even its (refreshing) packaging has been brought back: printed cases so pretty, you’ll want to keep them.   #5: The alt-chic ’do: Gypsy braid
Think of this as the Solange Knowles of plaits. Seen on the runways of Preen and Roberto Cavalli (wait, hear us out first), it’s as pretty as its sister styles, but more youthful and effortless (weave through tresses at random; keep them tiny), which makes it cooler and more versatile (go neat and it’s sweet; mess it up and it’s boho). And it’s set to blow up in the next six months.   #6: The great cover-up: Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer
Most women can’t live without concealer, but when the coverage is strong, we can’t help but get flashbacks of cakey, miscoloured spots and under-eye circles in prom-night photos. This line – with 16 shades ($45 each) in pots, not wands – promises to keep the look that way: in the past. Already known for concealers that ace hiding lines, redness and other imperfections, the French brand’s latest contains powders with a flat yet interwoven structure so coverage is flawless – one dab is reportedly enough to mask panda eyes. Its format, however, is an oil-free gel cream that feels weightless, blends smoothly into skin, and has a soft-focus effect for a completely natural look. Bring on the cameras.   This story first appeared in Female‘s March 2017 issue.  Like this? Check out the best whitening creams, serums and lotions to buy now, how to get glitter lips in 4 easy steps and moisturisers that promise clear, hydrated skin.