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We Might Have Just Found Our New Favourite Salon

It is one of a kind.

If you have been keeping up with this space, then you probably have already read about the new Chez Vous:Hideaway salon located on the 14th floor of Ngee Ann City Tower B. Recently, we dropped by the new concept space to try out one of their treatments and admittedly, we are blown away. Besides its impressive interior and concept, the entire experience was definitely out of the ordinary; a real pampering treat.

new favourite salon

After signing in, I am brought to the Styling Loft and was greeted by a therapist. She then introduced me to the four essential oils available (peppermint to stimulate scalp and hair growth; lavender to soothe, calm and hydrate; lemongrass to balance out oily scalps; and cedarwood, which contains all of the three mentioned benefits from the oils) and I opted for cedarwood. She placed a towel over my shoulders and began massaging my arms, shoulders, neck and scalp using the selected essential oil. Once done, I was able to choose from a wide selection of teas and coffees to accompany me through my treatment, which was a simple cut and colour.

Thereafter, my hair stylist proceeds with a quick consultation to know what sort of hairstyle I have in mind. After colouring my locks, I was brought to the Wash Cave to wash off the dye. This entire procedure really impressed me, and I’ll explain why. My hairstylist first placed my choice of cedarwood essential oil into a diffuser that was located right next to me. He begins by using a handheld device that had vibrating motions on my scalp to kill bacteria. He then shampoos it twice before applying a scalp treatment. I am then treated to a scalp massage where he pressed certain pressure points with just the right amount of strength. After the relaxing massage, he applies the Viege Hair Treatment to strengthen hair. Once done, a hot towel is placed on my neck and I am pampered with a shoulder and neck massage. To end it off, a pen-like device with plasma light is placed on my scalp to improve and encourage blood circulation. My hairstylist then blow-dries and trims my hair.

I really love how the salon placed a huge emphasis on scalp and hair care, what with its many complimentary services throughout the entire procedure. And of course, its super stylish and IG-worthy loft is a definite plus point. Not your average salon, indeed.