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The New Fragrance Launches To Get A Whiff Of (Your Nose Will Thank You)

From Chanel's newest Gabrielle EDP to Kenzo's new take on florals, here are the latest fragrance launches to take note off.

The New Icon: Chanel Gabrielle EDP


At the press preview, we were literally given only a peek at this scent ($185) through a pinhole, but sometimes a peek is all that’s needed. Its bottle resembles so closely that of the famous No. 5 (the shape is just more square, the glass thinner to appear sleeker, and the cap is in metal, not glass) – a clear hint at how significant it’s meant to be. Factor in how it’s the brand’s first new fragrance in 15 years that’s not a spin-off, and a fresh take on classically feminine perfumes (nose Olivier Polge calls it an “abstract floral” with its mix of velvety ylang-ylang, creamy tuberose, milky sandalwood, and zesty orange blossom with mandarin peel), and you’re staring at the next scent to be on every woman’s “want list” for ages.