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The New-Gen K-Beauty Products To Cop Now

Here's our little pocketbook of the coolest new-gen k beauty products on the market.

Main Image: Instagram (@iwlt_beauty) 

This article first appeared on Harper’s Bazaar.

If there’s one constant about the beauty game, it is that it’s ever-changing. Trends come and go in a flurry, and every other day it seems there’s a new product drop to rave about. Newsflash: The beauty scene from the land of kimchi is no different. In fact, it likely steamrolls ahead at an even faster rate, what with the world going abuzz over all things Korean. The result? A slew of next-generation, niche beauty brands cropping up that are slated to change the K-beauty scene with a modern, global appeal and millennial aesthetic. We give you the TLDR on the latest and coolest names in Korean makeup and skincare.

Image: Instagram (@abib.official)    Think of this as the Korean version of Aesop, with a focus on science-led skincare that heals and regenerates   Must-try: Hydration Creme, Heartleaf Essence, Osmopur Cushion Compact I Woke Up Like This
Image: Instagram (@iwlt_beauty)    Founded by K-beauty trendsetter Yeon Ah Han, it’s the ultimate cool girl brand currently riding the clean beauty wave with plant-derived ingredients and skin-friendly formulas.   Must-try: May Morning Cushion, Rice Oil Foam Cleanser, Protective Sun Base Cream Fflow
Image: Instagram (@fflow_official)    Created by Korean beauty editors for the beauty junkies, and aimed at helping urban women tackle common skin issues that come with big city living   Must-try: Oilsoo Gel Cream, Oilsoo Calming Skin, Oilsoo Ampoule Skin Wonjin Effect
Image: Instagram (@wonjineffect)    Skincare solutions backed by a team of certified derms and two decades of R&D, using only the highest grade natural ingredients   Must-try: Vita Moist Ampoule, Medi Energy Infusion Mask, Baby Glow Cream, Water Bomb Cream Then I Met You
Image: Instagram (@thenimetyou)    The Korean glass skin look, simplified into a 4-step methodology with products rocking plush, sensorial textures that are touted to transform the way you skincare   Must-try: Living Cleansing Balm, Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel, The Giving Essence Beigic
Image: Instagram (@beigic_official)   When clean beauty and minimalism meets Korean sensibilities, made with premium, organically-sourced ingredients   Must-try: Regenerating Oil, Correcting Exfoliator, Scalp Revival Purifying Scrub Klavuu
Image: Instagram (@klavuu_official)   With a page right out of La Mer’s book, expect ocean-derived extracts and actives plumbed from the depths of the Korean seas   Must-try: Sea Silt Repair Essence, Pearlsation Skin Veil Liquid Base, Blue Pearlsation High Coverage Marine Collagen Aqua Cushion Covernine
Image: Instagram (@covernine_official)   Take everything you know and love about K-makeup, upgraded with a cool girl twist and innovative textures   Must-try: Magnefit Stick Foundation, Magnefit Tint, All-Clean Lip & Eye Remover Keepcool
Image: Instagram (@keepcool_global)   Besides getting the thumbs up from London Fashion Week, you’ve got sophisticated formulas bottled in cheeky packaging that are a treat to use (and to latergram)   Must-try: Soothe Bamboo Toner, Shine Mask, Ocean Foam Fradore
Image: Instagram (@fradore_official)   Niche fragrances with a Maison Francis Kurkdjian-esque vibe, replete with body lotions and creams for scent-layering addicts   Dirty Salty Passion EDT, This Is How You Feel Inside EDT