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6 New Hair Colours To Spice Up Your Look This Season

Hot hair hues

Whether you’re a colour chameleon or you like to keep things safe, there’s nothing quite like change to make you feel like a whole new person. While we’re not swapping Havaianas for Uggs anytime soon on the equator, here are some hair hues you can try the next time you’re booked with your colourist.

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate doesn’t have to only be reserved for the yummiest dessert. Add more dimension to darker brown hair with sandy brown highlights. Image: Instagram (@itsnoraleisk) Deep Espresso
If you’ve got a deeper skin tone and you’ve never quite ventured away from jet black hair, try something like sable brown and match your coffee order seamlessly. Image: Instagram (@chrisgreenehair) Bright Blonde
Make your highlights brighter to give off that sun-kissed look. Image: Instagram (@itsmecarlad) Caramel
Add lots of caramel highlights to dark brown hair to give more dimension and body to otherwise flat hair. Image: Instagram (@jastookes) Icy Blonde
Think Asians can’t pull off blonde? Think again. Image: Instagram (@rrayyme) Bronde
The combo of brown and blonde-toned ombre shades and balayage is incredibly flattering and the best part is that can be executed — by a skilled artist — in an endless number of ways. Image: Instagram (@marianna_hewitt)