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In this wellness obsessed age, the phrase “you are what you eat” has become a well-loved truism. Cue your friendly neighbourhood acai bowl store; yet another new, trendy cafe serving up avocado toast; and – cheers, guys – kombucha on tap. It’s little surprise then that the concept of superfood-infused skincare has been steadily entering the spotlight, and one up-and-coming independent beauty brand from Singapore is introducing it with a twist.

Founded this April by Hayley Teo, Rooki Beauty marries the skin benefits of ingredients such as antioxidant-rich kale, Vitamin C-charged lingonberry and even star fruit (did you know that it can help lighten dark spots?) with that of long scientifically proven actives (think lactic acid, ceramides and the likes). The telegenic 26-year-old Teo came up with this old-meets-new formula through her personal experience – she had grown up with sensitive skin and discovered that a fully botanical approach wasn’t exactly always foolproof. At the same time, skincare packed with effective actives commonly also include synthetic ingredients that aren’t friendly to someone with her skin type.

Another one of Teo’s influence: the Land Of The Rising Sun. The former digital content creator with an advertising agency here swears that the best beauty brands hail from Japan, pointing out that many similarly fuse modern technology with traditional skin-pampering ingredients all while keeping preservatives to a minimum. It explains why everything from Rooki is produced there and is free of nasties like parabens, sulphates, dyes and artificial fragrances.

What firmly tips Rooki Beauty into the territory of millennial hip clean beauty brand however goes beyond what’s in its bottles. Teo’s experience in the design-forward ad industry must have rubbed off: its packaging is minimalist, modern yet fun; a graphic bar in a different sorbet colour demarcating each one (and adding to the #shelfie factor). Then there’s the fact that there are just three bottles (read: three products) in the beauty brand: a cleanser, mask and moisturiser. Just like how Teo figured out her own route to healthy skin, Rooki – as its name suggests – is specifically designed to be a synch for even rookies to master. The three basic steps in skincare is that’s needed for a flawless complexion, Teo posits, bringing to mind that other famous adage: less sometimes really is more.

Find out more about each one of Rooki Beauty’s nourishing products below and pick them up via their website.