As someone who used to frequent a dermatologist in hopes of a cure for the acne that mercilessly plagued my skin, I can relate to how much of a hole it burned in my wallet. Plus, when I got started on Accutane because I was at my wit’s end, the bi-monthly consultations that I had to go for throughout the one-and-a-half-year course were taxing on my time too. Not to mention, those pesky zits still resurfaced to haunt me even after my course was completed (ugh, how tragic).

But now, this new-to-town skincare brand by the brains behind IDS Clinic might just be the solution to my struggles. Called Kylaz, this local skincare label’s approach to clear skin forever is that it specifically targets the root of acne within the dermis and treats it. Why? That’s because that’s where the source of the inflammation is. This adopts a different approach to achieve clear skin as compared to acne treatments that just focus on reducing active breakouts.

Every time a new pimple pops up, most people would apply a strong zit-busting solution and pray it away. The doctors realised that what most sufferers actually need is a long-term solution to protect and strengthen the skin against further assaults. What’s worse is that most acne-busters tend to be overly-aggressive and dry skin out, which may lead to further skin problems in the process. Instead of that, Kylaz’s three-step skincare routine aims to eliminate the problem at its roots based by correcting, protecting and preventing.

Below, the acne-ridding products and what they actually do.