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The New Local Skincare Brand Beauty Writer Sofia Kim Is Loving Now

This new local skincare brand might just be over a month old but is creating waves in the interest for its products that are both effective and time-saving.

local skincare brand

As a beauty junkie, it’s a habit of mine to constantly be on the lookout for new, innovative brands and products. Yes, I am well aware that I am occasionally biased to Korean beauty but I’m down to try any interesting and effective product. Recently, I discovered a new local skincare brand known as Iren. I first got to know about it when I went down for a quick facial treatment that was effective and efficient at the same time (you can read all about it here).

Having to juggle various roles and responsibilities (hands up if you get what I mean), time is rarely on my side and at times, it gets difficult to indulge in an elaborate skincare routine. So when I heard about this new local brand that aims to create time-saving and multi-functional products to cater to the busy, modern women, I had to try it.

Currently, the brand offers four different products – the Massage Cleansing Cream, Skin Clear Lotion, Customised Serums and Skin Vaporizer (which will be released in March) – to create the ideal Iren routine to help you achieve clearer skin.

The routine starts off with the Massage Cleansing Cream, which is also known as “ice-cream for your skin” and is made with the brand’s breakthrough Ice-Cream Emulsifying technology formulated in Japan. The product first dispenses as a cream but once applied to skin, it turns into a lightweight oil and then to a milk to thoroughly dissolve makeup and other impurities. This unique cleanser contains active ingredients such as rosa centifolia flower extract and celabio to not only cleanse skin but to also improve overall skin health and boost radiance. It also has anti-ageing benefits, prevents inflammation and encourages skin cell regeneration and collagen production.