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The New Local Skincare Brand Beauty Writer Sofia Kim Is Loving Now

This new local skincare brand might just be over a month old but is creating waves in the interest for its products that are both effective and time-saving.

local skincare brand

After cleansing, apply the Skin Clear Lotion, a multi-tasker for all skin types prone to dehydration and sensitivity. This acts as a toner and moisturiser that is said to deliver eight skin benefits such as boosting hydration levels, evening skin tone and enhancing skin’s elasticity. The key ingredient in this product is known as Job’s Tears (also commonly referred to as coix seeds), which is a traditional Chinese medicine that works on the outer skin layer to regulate skin’s metabolism and restore skin’s inherent ability to heal itself.

local skincare brand

The next step: applying serums. There are a total of eight different serums that target various skin concerns such as dryness, roughness or dullness. Each serum is highly concentrated and is also infused with antioxidant-rich super fruit concentrates such as goji berry, beetroot and blueberries to restore skin’s state of health. The best part: the serums can be mixed together to suit your skin type and concerns. Since my pores are rather congested and my skin is pretty dehydrated, my therapist recommended me to use the Hydrating and Clearing Serum.

The last product in the brand’s line is the Skin Vaporizer. This portable device allows your skincare products (it is most compatible with the brand’s Customisable Serums) to penetrate into the skin more efficiently as it splits the molecules of the product into nano-sized particles, thus, optimising deep epidermis absorption. Once sprayed onto skin, a fine, well-distributed mist is dispensed.

I found that the skincare products worked well on my skin and did not cause any irritation on my skin. I noticed my complexion was a lot smoother, plumper and brighter the morning after I introduced them to my nighttime skincare routine.

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