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must-have makeup

By now, makeup that claims to get one Insta-ready with no fuss or filters ought to be a product category on its own. Adding to this is Dior’s Diorskin Forever Undercover (in nine shades, $74 each). The fluid foundation’s texture is so surprisingly light that it glides and blends effortlessly into skin. What’s even more unexpected, though, is that despite this, its coverage is full and lasts 24 hours.

Photography Frenchescar Lim Styling Imran Jalal Hair & Makeup Sha Shamsi, using Dior Model Daria/Mannequin

The Seriously Pro Finishing Touch To Your Makeup Routine


must-have makeup

It’s what we’re calling YSL Beaute’s Top Secrets Makeup Setting Spray ($86), simply because the line was created to let regular women achieve the polish of makeup pros. Even if you can’t fully emulate the work of Tom Pecheux, the brand’s global beauty director, the cooling spray is next-to-nothing fine, drying instantly to keep cosmetics from smearing or fading. It also has hyaluronic acid, Moroccan walnut leaf extract and jojoba oil to hydrate, protect and boost radiance. In short, even if you’re far from pro, it’s a win.

The Clever Colour Corrector

must-have makeup

If you’ve watched professional makeup videos, you’ll know that concealing skin discoloration is a multi-step, multi-product, multi-colour process (which also means more to lug around in your makeup kit). Laneige’s two-tone corrector bars (price unavailable) simplify this, and attempt to do so with a swipe (okay, maybe a few,  but they still make life more convenient) – thanks to their crayon-like design with tips in contrasting shades. Take the Purple-Blue bar that deals with two common problems in the under-eye area. The blue reflects light to hide dark circles, while the purple helps neutralise dullness, adding a highlighting effect on the upper cheeks.

The Modern Lippie-Meets-Cheek Tint

must-have makeup

The first of its kind from Chanel, the Rouge Coco Lip Blush will appeal to anyone who appreciates multi-tasking makeup. What takes it to “godsend” level is its texture. A silky melt-into-skin gel, it’s packed with what the brand calls its Hydraboost complex – a cocktail of vegetable oils, such as jojoba and sunflower, that moisturises and plumps. Blending its intense colour (choose from six including red, a peachy pink, and nude, $48 each) so that it’s wearable as blusher becomes a cinch. Better yet: Any oils that don’t get absorbed will evaporate, leaving behind a fashionable, luminous matte finish.

Photography Frenchescar Lim, assisted by Gong Yimin Styling Imran Jalal Hair & Makeup Sha Shamsi Model Daria/Mannequin Gilet Miu Miu

This story first appeared in Female’s March 2018 issue.

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