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New Beauty Products From Cult Beauty Brands To Add To Cart

Like their fashion counterparts, there's always something cooler and hip about brands with a "cult" status. Here, we breakdown what else make them tick and pick some of our favourite new products int the market right now.

What makes a cult skincare product so popular among beauty fanatics? Firstly, these lesser-known labels tend to focus on a single ingredient or complex that exists in every single product. They are also likely to adopt a more sustainable and natural approach to beauty whether in their use of clean ingredients or recyclable packaging.

Lastly, these brands also come in hip and made-for-the-gram packaging compared to the more mainstream labels in the market. In the past year or so, a handful of these indie brands have hit our shores, including the likes of Indie Lee and Dr Roebucks which are now stocked in Sephora. Here, we pick some of the best – and newest – products to add to your beauty stash. 

Gallinee Face Mask & Scrub, $43,
The French skincare label is known for utilising the benefits of good bacteria to treat, protect and care for the skin’s microbiome. When our microbiome is well taken care of, it positively affects the skin’s barrier function, allowing it to be stronger, healthier and more resilient. This two-in-one scrub and mask treatment is formulated with the brand’s patented complex, which contains good bacteria such as probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics to nourish and treat the skin’s microbiome while removing unwanted – and bad – bacteria. It is also saturated with kaolin, vitamin E and sea minerals to exfoliate, hydrate and purify congested complexions.  Indie Lee Daily Vitamin Infusion Face Oil, $95,
The American beauty brand is known for its synthetic-free, clean and fast-acting products made with cruelty-free and vegan formulations. This facial oil is enriched with ceramides, a superior ingredient that helps form and strengthens the skin barrier while retaining moisture for plumper, smoother skin. The inclusion of rosehip and avocado oils, vitamins A and C as well as sugarcane-derived squalane make for an ultra-potent formula that works to strengthen, protect, and even out skin tone. Circumference Green Clay Detox Face Mask, US$65 (S$90),
This clean skincare label adopts a holistic approach to sustainability. Not only are the botanical ingredients sustainably sourced, but the by-products are also donated to farms as fertilisers to reduce waste. After much research, the brand concluded that for products to be truly effective, the ingredients must have a high percentage of bioactivity, which is essentially the nutrients found in substances that are available and active for our bodies to use. Therefore, the products are only formulated with plant-based ingredients that are equipped with a high level of bioactivity. This detox mask contains plant-based botanical oils like blackcurrant seed, evening primrose and sacha inchi to unclog pores, treat congestion and clarify the skin. La Bruket Broccoli Seed Serum, $82,
The brand emphasises on using modern innovations to age-old therapy knowledge and practices to create contemporary skincare products with organic formulations using sustainably-sourced ingredients. This antioxidant-rich serum is saturated with broccoli seed extract, aloe vera juice and cucumber extracts to protect the skin against free radicals, strengthen skin’s resilience and calms irritation. Bybi Beauty Blueberry Booster, $23,
Fact: We are constantly glued to our technological devices. When this occurs, our skin condition is jeopardised as the blue light emitted from our phones and laptops causes skin ageing and overtime, damage to our complexions. Thus, it is now more important than ever to incorporate products that are equipped with properties to protect our skin from blue light. This serum does just that thanks to blueberry seed oil, which acts as a shield to protect our skin from the effects of blue light. Moreover, the plastic tube packaging is made out of sugarcane-derived bioplastic tubes that is both recyclable and industrially compostable to prevent unnecessary wastage. Verso Skincare Day Cream, $190, 
The Scandinavian skincare label founded by Lars Fredriksson in 2013 redefines anti-ageing products thanks to its proprietary complex, Retinol 8, which is a patented vitamin A derivative that is said to be more stable, potent and gentler than retinol. Retinol 8 essentially targets the skin’s most vital needs to improve its quality and texture. This day cream, which is fortified with SPF to protect skin from harmful UV rays is formulated with its Retinol 8 Complex that works together with niacinamide, glycerin and canola oil to strengthen skin’s barrier, improve moisture levels and fade away pigmentation.  Dr Roebuck's Ningaloo Firming Serum, $93,
The brand’s philosophy is simple: it uses minimal ingredients for maximum results, allowing each product in its range to be suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. This serum contains a  combination of 100 per cent natural active ingredients to address the visible signs of ageing with a plumping and firming action, while deeply hydrating and strengthening the skin for a healthy glow.  Frank Body In Your Dreams Scrub, $29,
The natural beauty brand started out with just one product: a coffee scrub, with an aim to redefine natural skincare to one that is more fun. Its newest launch is a multi-tasking body scrub that doubles up as a relaxing bath soap to soothe tensed muscles and calm the mind. Lavender oil and chamomile are rich in antioxidants to protect and nourish the skin.