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This New Skincare Brand's 5-Minute Face Masks Are Ideal For The Time-Starved

It'll shave off time in the morning and night.

Women these days are constantly strapped for time and thus, prefer skincare products that are not only really effective but time-saving as well. One step that does require a little bit more time is masking. Having a sheet mask on for 15-30 minutes may not be the most ideal in the mornings (or even at night when all you want to do is head to bed), which is why when we heard of this new skincare brand, we were ecstatic.

Known as Patchology, the American skincare brand focuses on creating sheet masks and patches that only require five minutes of your time, yet reportedly delivers the same effects as any other mask would thanks to its Hydra Surge5 Moisture System which accelerates the delivery of essential ingredients. Not only are there sheet masks for your entire face, but the brand has also created a range of masks targeted at different areas of your face such as lips and under eyes.

Besides its efficacy, we also love the brand’s quirky packaging and tongue-in-cheek product names. Above, we pick out 10 products to try.

Patchology is available at Metro Causeway Point, Metro CenterPoint, Robinsons the Heeren, Robinsons Raffles City, Robinsons JEM, and will be in Tangs Vivocity.

November 2019
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#1: Hydrating Lip Gels, $23 for a pack of five and $75 for a jar of 24
It’s always important to prep your puckers before lipstick application and this lip mask does just that. It is formulated with antioxidant-rich green tea extract, peptides and niacinamide to hydrate, protect and provide anti-ageing benefits. #2: Rejuvenating Eye Gels, $23 for a pack of five and $75 for a jar of 30
These eye patches are great to refresh tired peepers. It contains caffeine to improve micro-circulation to reduce puffiness and boost radiance, hydrolysed collagen to improve elasticity and hyaluronic to hydrate and plump up skin. #3: Restoring night eye gels, $29 for a pack of five and $90 for a jar of 30
To rejuvenate the skin around your peepers, opt for these gel masks instead. It is made with retinol to promote cell turnover, peptides to reduce fine lines and squalane to hydrate and protect skin from free radical damage. #4: Hydrate Flashmasque, $43 for a pack of four
Hyaluronic acid, a superior moisturising ingredient, is infused into this mask to effectively hydrate dry and dehydrated complexions. Vitamin B5 then soften, soothe and regenerate the skin while betain helps skin retain moisture. #5: Illuminate Flashmasque, $43 for a pack of four
Powered by licorice extract and vitamin C, this helps to brighten, even out skin tone and encourage collagen production for plumper skin. Grapefruit seed extract then provides antioxidant protection from harmful environmental aggressors. #6: Flashmasque Soothe, $43 for a pack of four
For stressed, irritated complexions, try out this skin-soothing mask. Aloe vera calms redness, shisandra berry moisturises while cotton seed extract protects and fights free radical damage. #7: Milk Peel Flashmasque, $43 for a pack of four
Lactic acid works together with coconut and soy milk to quickly dissolve dead skin cells for smoother, brighter skin without irritation. Green tea is also infused to provide antioxidant protection from environmental toxins. #8: Smartmud Detox Mud Masque, $43 for a pack of four
This mask helps to treat dull, decongested skin. Formulated with volcanic ash, kaolin clay and hydrolysed collagen, this helps to purify, detoxify, hydrate and plump up skin for a smooth and clear complexion. #9: Poshpeel Pedicure Treatment, $12 for a pack of two
If you’ve got no time to head down for a pedicure, this home treatment is exactly what you need. The concentrated ingredients in the brand’s Activating Essence (it’s made with an advanced AHA and BHA botanical blend) help dissolve dead skin and exfoliate rough patches, while botanical extracts brighten. #10: On The Fly Travel Treatment Kit, $30
This nifty travel kit comprises one sheet of Hydrate Flashmasque, Illuminate Flashmasque, Lip Gel and Eye Gel. All the products are super fuss-free and easy to use whenever you’re onboard or on-the-go. Main image: