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Hyein of NewJeans shows off her mismatched manicure in the group's music video 'We Are NewJeans'.

Ever wanted to get your nails done but couldn’t decide what colour or artwork you wanted? The mismatched nails trend is just for you. Popularised by celebrities such as NewJeans and Taylor Swift, the manicure style is everywhere on our social media feeds. The latter showed off her mismatched digits when she launched her Eras tour, painting each nail in a different hue to represent her different albums. 

Manicurist Rebecca Chuang (@theflutterytips on Instagram) shares that mismatched nail art is one of her favourite trends. She says that this trend, also known as mix-and-match nails, is a mix of designs and art inspired by gypsy boho style or prints. “This look is so popular because they are colourful and trendy designs that make you feel happy all day long,” she explains. “Also, you can use any colour – there is no particular style to follow so it depends on the look you wish to achieve.”

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Manicurist Christer Kang of Qquirky Nails (@qquirkynails on Instagram) adds that mismatched nails are about mixing and matching different colours and elements to create nail art that is tailored to each individual’s personality. “This trend is popular because people are not limited to just one solid colour on their nails. They are able to pick from multiple designs and collage it on their nails,” she adds. 

newjeans nails
Credit:The Fluttery Tips

Manicurist Rebecca Chuang of The Fluttery Tips notes that mismatch nail art (above) is popular among her as it makes them “feel happy all day long”.

If you love contrast, pick geometric shapes in various colours. If you don’t want anything too bold, keep it simple by alternating colours. Or you could choose colours that are similar so they don’t stand out too much. Another option is picking colours within one colour palette such as pastels. 

Kang recommends five to six colours for the best mix to achieve this look. Based on what her clients have chosen in the past, the most popular colours are black, silver, milky white, baby pink and purple. She thinks nail styles that work best with this look are nails done with a theme, such as fairycore, Y2K or Korean nail art. 

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She adds that creating mismatched nails at home may sound tricky, but you can get a few ready-made press-on nails from places like Watsons and Guardian to play around with. Another way to DIY your nails is to get a nail art starter kit, like the TGB Starter Set from The GelBottle. 

Although there are no specific rules to follow when picking styles, here is her list of dos and don’ts: 

  • Do choose nail designs that fit your personal style. Mixing and matching nails may seem intimidating; however, matching it to your personal style makes it easier to pick from different nail designs!
  • Do explore different colours. Sticking to your go-to shades may seem like the safest route but exploring different colour palettes may help you to come up with a more dynamic design.
  • Do up a moodboard! If you find it hard to visualise your nail set, you can sketch out or print out ten different nail designs to see if they match. Allow your creativity to flow.

This article is adapted from a story that first appeared in Her World