Heard Of Eco-Responsible Beauty? Here’s How Chanel Does It

by Gordon Ng  /   August 28, 2023

Chanel Beauty has made no secret that N°1 De Chanel is an environmentally-conscious skincare collection. Together with the brand, FEMALE discovers the different ways it respects Mother Nature.

The beauty world has always taken inspiration from nature – and this doesn’t just boil down to the ingredients used. Clock Chanel’s “eco-responsible” anti-aging beauty line Nº1 de Chanel, which joins the luxury maison’s growing range of skincare and makeup that have been formulated and designed to be more environmentally conscious.

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First off, the brand maximises every part of the red camellia as much as possible to reduce wastage. All of Nº1 de Chanel’s key active ingredients are derived from the flower. The luscious scarlet petals are the source of protocatechuic acid, which boasts high antioxidant properties that slow skin ageing at the earliest stages. Meanwhile, red camellia oil, which preserves moisture in the skin, is obtained from pressing the flower’s seeds. The husks of the seeds are also recycled and used as material for the lids of its cream tubs. Chanel goes so far as to extract yeast from the bloom’s microbiota in order to nurture skin barrier.


The husks of the red camellia seeds are recycled and turned into a material for the lids of Nº1 de Chanel’s moisturisers.

Chanel also incorporates eco-responsibility into the Nº1 De Chanel collection by ensuring that nearly every aspect of the product design is considered. For instance, the packaging is optimised for recycling to lower the environmental impact. The products are neither wrapped in cellophane nor come with an information leaflet. Instead, all product information can be accessed through a QR code printed on the back of the box. In a first for Chanel Beauty, the Nº1 De Chanel cream is refillable, which cuts out a chunk of disposal when the product is finished.

The moisturiser features a patented design that allows an internal tub to be easily replaced. The brand estimates that refilling the product just twice is enough to halve its greenhouse gas emissions, as compared to using brand new tubs of cream each time.

Perhaps, the concern for sustainability and the environment is best embodied in Chanel’s open-sky laboratory in Gaujacq. Situated in a village in southern France, it is a veritable camellia country. Here, Chanel runs a camellia conservatory; a phyto-analysis laboratory that first discovered the wonders of the Czar; and a farm that grows the camellias it uses for its beauty products. The camellia farm prides itself in its biodiversity practices. For its efforts, the farm has been awarded a Level 3 HEV (High Environmental Value) certification from the French government for its conservation of biodiversity and natural resources, and for putting minimal stress on the environment.

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The sustainability that Chanel practices for its Nº1 De Chanel line is something that model and Miss Singapore Universe 2021 Nandita Banna appreciates. The 22-year-old was introduced to the range at a workshop that FEMALE held in partnership with Chanel in April 2022, and has since made the line her skincare grail. “I always try to make decisions that I think are good for the planet.” Talk about world peace.

The Nº1 De Chanel skincare range is available at all Chanel Beauty boutiques and counters, and its online store