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Why Nº1 De Chanel Feels So Good On Your Skin

by Gordon Ng  /   August 21, 2023

A luxurious sensorial experience + the promise of long-term product efficacy = our idea of the perfect self-love routine. Together with Chanel Beauty, FEMALE shows you how the Nº1 De Chanel skin rejuvenating line offers exactly that.

When it comes to anti-ageing skincare, what you really want are results. This is why it was so exciting when Nº1 De Chanel skincare line launched last year. Instead of hyper-fixating on problem areas, this skincare collection zeroes in on senescence – the natural process of how skin ages and deteriorates. 

According to Chanel, there are five signs that indicate that one’s complexion is losing its youthfulness: the appearance of pores, the onset of wrinkles, the loss of skin elasticity, the dulling of skin tone, and a general sense of discomfort. The Nº1 De Chanel line is said to help alleviate these symptoms by harnessing the strengths of its hero ingredient: the red Czar camellia

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This particular breed of camellia possesses bright red, fleshy petals that only bloom when the weather turns bitterly cold, tapping on its natural stores of energy to power through the frost. This discovery led Chanel Beauty to draw both inspiration and science from the resilient bloom, and use a cocktail of active ingredients derived from the plant to encourage the natural rejuvenation of skin as an aid against skin ageing.

Having tracked the performance of Nº1 De Chanel on users over a period of six months, Chanel has found out that – contrary to the belief that a skincare product’s efficacy tends to wane over time – that of the Revitalising Serum increases by as much as five-fold. This might explain why the brand has launched a 100ml bottle of this soothing and quick-absorbing concentrate in addition to the pre-existing 30ml and 50ml options.  

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One person who knows too well the benefits of the Nº1 De Chanel is Singapore model/self-declared skincare enthusiast Serena Jane. Having been introduced to Nº1 De Chanel through a workshop FEMALE held in partnership with Chanel in April 2022, the Singapore model/self-declared skincare enthusiast has become not just a user of the line, but a fan. Here, peep her testimonial of how Nº1 De Chanel is her, well, number one.

Additionally, to ensure one’s Nº1 De Chanel experience is nothing short of feel-good, Chanel has also come up with a host of products that promise sensorial pleasure. The apex of which, some might say, is the Nº1 De Chanel facial treatment offered at the brand’s Prive boutique. One needn’t leave home to indulge though – clock the Nº1 De Chanel L’Eau Rouge fragrance that can be worn as a perfume or used as a room spray to invigorate and wake the senses; the Nº1 De Chanel Body Serum-in-Mist, which nourishes, tones and protects one’s skin right down to the toes; and the Nº1 De Chanel Revitalising Serum-in-Mist that can be spritzed under and over makeup to refresh skin. 

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Red Camellia Skin Enhancer can be used as a primer under your foundation. The range comes in three pearlescent and apricot-hued shades which go with all skin tones.

And if that’s not enough, there is the new Red Camellia Skin Enhancer. Concentrated with red camellia extract and oil, plant waxes and hyaluronic acid, this lightweight skincare-meets-makeup can be used as a skin-perfecting primer under foundation to impart a youthful glow.

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Indeed, every product in the range features a number of ingredients drawn from the camellia. Take, for example, the top-of-the-line Revitalising Serum: 76 per cent of its ingredients are drawn from the camellia including red camellia extract that helps boost cellular vitality; the hydrating and protective camellia yeast extract; and camellia water, which leaves skin feeling refreshed.

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The Rich Revitalising Cream is a ceramide-packed mixture suitable for colder climates and for those with drier skin types.

Boasting even more goodness from the red Czar is the recently launched Nº1 De Chanel Rich Revitalising Cream. Besides camellia water, camellia yeast extract and a rich dose of red camellia extract – said to prolong the life expectancy of healthy cells in skin – this buttery rich moisturiser features comforting red camellia oil as well as camellia ceramides. 

For the uninitiated, ceramides are lipids that make up half of the composition of the upper layer of our skin and are crucial to maintaining the skin barrier and moisture levels. They also deplete with age and sun damage. Using a 100 per cent natural process, Chanel has for the first time developed camellia ceramides that help to strengthen this outermost layer of the complexion, making it a great salve for frosty climates or for those with dry skin. A test on a group of women in Canada during winter even proved it to be effective in reducing redness, dryness and the appearance of wrinkles.

How’s that for anti-ageing skincare that gives you results?

The Nº1 De Chanel skincare range is available at all Chanel Beauty boutiques and counters, and its online store