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Not Just A Pretty Face: A Non-Facial Beauty Hit List

Aka what to use now to improve the look and health of your hair, neck, hands and body.


For naturally enviable tresses (even when they’re dyed)

The saying that healthy locks start from the scalp is like the hair equivalent of Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan – everybody’s heard it before. Walking the talk is new-to-town Korean haircare label Ryo, developed by Amorepacific (the same makers of Sulwhasoo and Laneige).  Banking on wholesome herbal ingredients, every one of its products targets the skin on the head first. Its Deep Cleansing range, for example, contains pine needles and fermented mint to purify the scalp, in turn preventing the likes of dandruff and itching, while its Hair Loss line boasts a ginseng complex that’s said to multiply skin and hair follicle cells.

For fans of clean beauty, Sephora’s brought in the American haircare brand Briogeo, known for its plant-powered formulas that are vegan and free of the ingredients on a derm’s watch list (silicones, sulfates, parabens and the like). Its cult following might also have to do with its wide, thoughtful range (everything from a Rosarco oil to seal split ends, to a weather-proof, curl-defining cream) and how results are reportedly instantly visible.

To revive coloured hair without putting it through another round in the salon hot seat, Infuse My. Colour (yes, that’s how its name is punctuated) has five variations of colour-infusing shampoo. Cobalt, for example, neutralises the gold and yellow pigments in bleached locks, while Ruby boosts red and burgundy tones. Christophe Robin’s Temporary Colour Gel, meanwhile, is ideal for covering greys quickly sans damage – it doesn’t require mixing, is said to not affect hair’s natural structure, and boasts oat flakes, known for their antioxidant properties.   

For a similarly healthy approach to smooth hair, the GHD Glide Hot Brush (think a hybrid of a brush and dryer) uses an ioniser and ceramic technology to eliminate frizz, leaving a healthy, even shine. Word has it that one can achieve salon-perfect blow-dried hair in minutes, thanks to its combo of dense short and long bristles that cover larger sections of hair with every stroke.

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